aglowPrit and I had the privilege of ministering at the Aglow chapter of New Bern, North Carolina this past Saturday. We were truly amazed at the depth of spirituality among the women that attended. Their worship was one of consecration and almost all of them came forward for prayer afterwards. There was one gentlemen (other than Prit) in the crowd as well. He and his wife prayed a special prayer of blessing over us afterwards.

Prit shared briefly about his special link with Aglow. Who would have guessed that he had been saved at a women’s meeting? That Saturday was January 7, 1978. At that time, it was called Women’s Aglow and the ladies’ families were invited for this inaugural, special meeting in Fayetteville, N.C. The speaker that day was Marquita Clevenger. She had a powerful testimony in that she had been born without eyeballs. Her mother took her to a tent meeting in 1936. As the evangelist prayed over her baby, Marquita, the mother received faith from God to believe for Marquita’s healing.

Every morning, Marquita’s mother would open her daughter’s eyes in good faith to cleanse the pus from her empty sockets that had formed during the night. One day, she opened a socket to behold a beautiful brown eye staring back at her! She quickly checked the other socket and realized that her faith had come to fruition and that her little girl had been healed. The parents returned to the doctor with Marquita. This doctor had previously told them he couldn’t do anything for their baby. When he saw the miracle that had taken place, he immediately fell on his knees and gave his life to the Lord.

After listening to Marquita share her story that morning, Prit went forward and gave his life to the Lord. Little did he know that this would be the first step in embarking upon a ministry that would yield forth miracles of its own! I only regret that we didn’t purpose to find Marquita before she went to be with the Lord. In this way, she could have known that fruit from her ministry had gone to the mission field of Haiti to serve in the Lord’s vineyard.

After Prit shared this testimony, I shared once again about Prit’s healing that occurred in 2010 in Alberta, Canada. By the time we both had finished, no one was in a hurry to go home. They came forward to get a special touch from the Lord.

Today, Aglow is no longer just a women’s group, but is now comprised of both men and women.

If you’re interested in Marquita Clevenger’s story, here’s a link to where you can read about her further.

Thanks to Our Anonymous Giver!


Many, many thanks to the anonymous giver who donated $1,000 to our church construction program! As he related to us, he is sowing a seed into our construction fund because he has buildings of his own that need to be constructed for his own  business. We are trusting the Lord to honor his generosity towards Rehoboth Ministries.
Our present balance is now $24,066.11. Our projection goal is $150,000. We’re on our way to $25,000 and seeing the fulfillment of our long-awaited building!

For Ladies Only!

jewelry_slide01Dear Readers,

Prit and I have been spending this last week with my sister, Mary Ann, in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Mary Ann had just finished hosting a jewelry party for one of her friends who sells jewelry for the Premier Designs Jewelry Collection. The items which had been ordered from the previous party arrived and I watched as Mary Ann opened box after box of some of the most lovely and unique jewelry I’ve ever seen.

I was quite intrigued when I learned that Mary Ann’s friend, Jennifer, not only sells jewelry as an extra source of income, but she also views her job as a ministry. After each party Jennifer attends, she earns 50% of the proceeds made. But, here’s where it gets interesting. Jennifer then turns around and donates 50% (sometimes more) of her earnings to a non-profit organization.

I called Jennifer and told her about Rehoboth Ministries. I also asked her to check out our website. To my surprise, I received an e-mail from her today saying, “Let’s feed some hungry children!”

So, for any of you ladies that would be interested in hosting a party of at least 5-6 women and provide the refreshments, Jennifer is more than willing to come and give a demonstration. If you’re interested in doing so, Jennifer will donate part of the earnings sold to our children’s feeding program. Please let me know if you are interested.

You can reach me at either of these e-mails: danaptl -at- or danaptl -at-

Meanwhile, you can visit Premier Design’s website and if you’d like to contact Jennifer, her e-mail address is jrsteimel -at-

Weekend in Morehead City, Bible School Fundraiser, Correction

Impact Church

579375_222863001158969_348178568_nA special thanks goes to Pastor Nelson and Vicky Hopkins for a wonderful service at Impact Church Sunday in Morehead City, NC. Nelson and Vicky are special friends that go way back. They’ve both faced great struggles of their own that included bouts with cancer and they have a deep faith walk because of it. If you’re ever in the area, drop by and visit. Don’t forget to ask Pastor Nelson to tell you his “monkey story.”

Covenant of Grace Bible Institute 


Would you like to help provide a scholarship for one of our Bible school students? It only costs $1800 Haitian for the entire year ($600H for each semester) $1800H = $225 US.  $600H = $75 US. Only $75 for one semester. Would you pray about whether the Lord would like for you to be involved in the training of a leader?


The logo that was used in the last post (“Gateway Christian Center“) was actually for Gateway Christian Center in Winterville, North Carolina. This is another church entirely.

Gateway Christian Center

GCC-Logo-concept-No-Background-21Last Sunday, Prit and I had a great time at Gateway Christian Center in Middlesex, North Carolina. Pastor Gerald Wiggs and his wife, Geraline, are some of our most trusted and respected friends in the Gospel. Our friendship extends back over a span of 24 years. During some of our darkest days, we have picked up the phone and called these two prayer warriors and urged them to intercede for us. Their faith to believe for miracles is in a realm of its own and they have seen quite a few miracles in their own lives. We are so grateful for their support and prayers.

Gateway Christian Center now has a Spanish interpreter. They have been reaching out to the Hispanic population in their area. Around one-third of Pastor Gerald’s congregation has come from outside the United States. The mission field has always been a top priority for the Wiggs. They have supported our work in Haiti for years and have a work they started in the Dominican Republic. It’s no surprise to us that the world is now coming to their door.
Thank you, Gateway Christian Center, for your faithful and generous support of Rehoboth Ministries. We look forward to having Pastor Gerald come visit us in October 2013!

Max Is Back!

Dog holding a blank sign in her mouth

Summer is passing quickly and it will soon be time for our schools to crank back up again in Haiti. This means the feeding program will start up as well.

Max is back to cheer us on as we move forward in raising the needed funds for the school year. Our goal is $53,000 for the entire year. This is a great challenge, but Max is up to the task!
Did you know that you can feed a child two hot meals a week for an entire year for $40? How many of you would like to make a one-time yearly commitment of $40 to assure a child has a place at the table? We have 1,300 students, teachers, and staff to feed!
Will you be one of the first to respond?

A Busy Week


Tarboro, N.C.

We are heading down the highway back to Fayetteville as I type this post. The passenger seat of our vehicle often becomes my office.

We just spent the weekend in Tarboro visiting with longtime friends. Yesterday, we ministered at Rock Church and enjoyed a fellowship meal afterwards. We had such a great time – so great, in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures (the one to the left is a stock photo)!

Prit shared testimony after testimony of God’s goodness towards us over the years, building up the faith of God’s people. Many came forward for prayer. What a joy it is to pray for people!

Friday evening we went with Myrtle Wickham (our host) to eat at the Country Sunrise Grill & BBQ. The owner came over to speak with us. Elwood is a member of Rock Church. I thought he looked familiar and asked him, “Didn’t we pray for you last year for the Lord to help you start a new business?” He grinned and made a sweeping gesture across the room exclaiming, “Yes, here it is. The Lord answered your prayer!” He proceeded to tell us that the Lord had truly prospered him and now he sees the restaurant as his place of ministry. He’s led many people to the Lord and prays for everyone who comes there to eat.

If you’re ever in the Tarboro area, make sure you visit this place. They have some of the best barbecue chicken around and treat you like family. If Elwood’s there, let him know we sent you. He’ll give you the full story of how the Lord helped him start his business. It’s amazing!

Pastor Joel with Pastor Delinx from our church.

While we’ve been traveling in the States, our missionary friends, Joel and Yvonne Trimble drove to Cap-Haitien and ministered in our church Sunday, a week ago. Joel and Yvonne are special friends with giving hearts. When Prit was in the hospital, both Joel and Yvonne called to comfort me during one of the hardest trials of my life. During that time, Joel offered to fly up to Cap-Haitian and minister to our mother church in Petite-Anse. He came preaching faith and ignited the fervor of our people who were still praying for Prit and anxiously waiting for his recovery and return to Haiti. Last Sunday, Joel preached on prayer and, as usual, greatly encouraged our people in our absence.

Yvonne Trimble sharing with the church.

Joel and Yvonne now travel all over Haiti with the La Bonne Nouvelle broadcast showing their viewers the beautiful parts of Haiti. While many only see the poverty-stricken areas of Haiti, it is their goal to introduce others to the beautiful island that it is. They were filming in Cap-Haitien last weekend and other areas in the north of Haiti where our ministry is located, so offered to minister in our church as well.

Thank you Joel and Yvonne for strengthening the brethren in Cap-Haitien!

For more information concerning Joel and Yvonne’s ministry, visit their YouTube channel.

Sold! (Sort of…)

for-sale-sold-propertyThe Lord sure seems to have an amazing sense of humor. Recently, I wrote about a Haitian oil painting that was for sale. I had already posted the information on my Facebook page and decided to post it here on the Rehoboth site as well. That way, anyone reading this site that is not a member of Facebook would see it.

One of our supporting pastors, John Finochio, from Ontario, Canada, saw the post and linked to it on Twitter. A lady from Indianapolis, Indiana, saw the tweet and wrote me:

“Hi! I saw your post because Pastor John Finochio had a link about it on his Twitter wall that I noticed. It caught my attention because I have a background in art. It’s beautiful! I have no need of it though and hoped you would keep it and enjoy it, but that is certainly up to you and the Lord and not my business. I was excited to discover your work.”

This lady, whom I’ve never met, sent $300 through Paypal saying that she just wanted to sow the money into our ministry.

So, I received first prize money ($75) for a cobbler competition I didn’t win and now have $300 for a painting I didn’t sell! I wonder what else I CAN’T do for the sake of the ministry!

We Remember

imagesJuly 4, 2010, introduced me to a whole new world of medical terminology that I had only heard mention of before. Aneurysms, brain hemorrhages, rebleeds, brain shunts and microscopic brain damage had previously belonged to someone else’s world in another galaxy far, far away. Suddenly, however, like an asteroid hurled from space, these words hit me head-on and crashed into our own little world. Fireworks of a different kind were going off — within my husband’s brain. One article describes an aneurysm as “a bomb exploding inside one’s head.” It’s harder to get any more graphic than that. If that were not enough, a second aneurysm came within a hair’s breadth of striking the final blow.

Today marks the third anniversary since Prit was rushed to the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Those of you who follow our updates regularly already know our story. For our new followers, you can read of God’s marvelous reversal and restoration in my book, Into the Storm.

July 4 is a day of remembrance for us. The scenes of the daily trek of over an hour from Didsbury to the hospital in Calgary, standing by Prit’s unconscious body for almost four weeks, reading the Word of God continually to his still form, and clinging to the hope of a miracle still replay themselves continually in my mind. On this day, however, the memories are more vivid than ever. In the midst of this fiery trial, God became more real than ever — so very real. He’s more real to us in the furnace of affliction than anywhere else.

So, once again, we remember. We pay our respects to Pastors Richard and Beth Kope and to the members of the Chinook Winds Christian Centre who stood with me in more ways than I can count. We acknowledge our Haitian churches who warred relentlessly until their pastor was out of danger. We thank our family members once again who stood in the gap day after day until the dawn of a new day appeared. We also thank folks, many of whom we’ve never met, who took upon themselves the burden of intercession for my husband’s life.

July 4, for us, is a day of liberation for more reasons than one.

Haitian Oil Painting For Sale

IMG_1746Hello Rehoboth readers,

We realize some of you are not Facebook fans. Perhaps you are a member of Facebook, but only occasionally have time to check your profile due to your busy schedule. For this reason, I am once again posting a picture of this beautiful painting on the Rehoboth website for those of you who did not see this offer.

This is an original oil painting that I brought back from Haiti. A beautiful dark frame from Michael’s has been added to enhance the rich, vivid colors Haitian artists so often use. It’s all set to hang on your wall and measures 25 x 29 in. (L x W)

The price was originally $300 US, but has been reduced to $250. This is essentially what it cost for both the painting, the frame, and the cost to have it framed. However, I am eager to sell it in order to put the money towards more pressing needs in the ministry. If you are interested in this beautiful work of art, send me a note at