Weekend in Morehead City, Bible School Fundraiser, Correction

Impact Church

579375_222863001158969_348178568_nA special thanks goes to Pastor Nelson and Vicky Hopkins for a wonderful service at Impact Church Sunday in Morehead City, NC. Nelson and Vicky are special friends that go way back. They’ve both faced great struggles of their own that included bouts with cancer and they have a deep faith walk because of it. If you’re ever in the area, drop by and visit. Don’t forget to ask Pastor Nelson to tell you his “monkey story.”

Covenant of Grace Bible Institute 


Would you like to help provide a scholarship for one of our Bible school students? It only costs $1800 Haitian for the entire year ($600H for each semester) $1800H = $225 US.  $600H = $75 US. Only $75 for one semester. Would you pray about whether the Lord would like for you to be involved in the training of a leader?


The logo that was used in the last post (“Gateway Christian Center“) was actually for Gateway Christian Center in Winterville, North Carolina. This is another church entirely.

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