Haitian Oil Painting For Sale

IMG_1746Hello Rehoboth readers,

We realize some of you are not Facebook fans. Perhaps you are a member of Facebook, but only occasionally have time to check your profile due to your busy schedule. For this reason, I am once again posting a picture of this beautiful painting on the Rehoboth website for those of you who did not see this offer.

This is an original oil painting that I brought back from Haiti. A beautiful dark frame from Michael’s has been added to enhance the rich, vivid colors Haitian artists so often use. It’s all set to hang on your wall and measures 25 x 29 in. (L x W)

The price was originally $300 US, but has been reduced to $250. This is essentially what it cost for both the painting, the frame, and the cost to have it framed. However, I am eager to sell it in order to put the money towards more pressing needs in the ministry. If you are interested in this beautiful work of art, send me a note at danaptl@aol.com.

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