Sold! (Sort of…)

for-sale-sold-propertyThe Lord sure seems to have an amazing sense of humor. Recently, I wrote about a Haitian oil painting that was for sale. I had already posted the information on my Facebook page and decided to post it here on the Rehoboth site as well. That way, anyone reading this site that is not a member of Facebook would see it.

One of our supporting pastors, John Finochio, from Ontario, Canada, saw the post and linked to it on Twitter. A lady from Indianapolis, Indiana, saw the tweet and wrote me:

“Hi! I saw your post because Pastor John Finochio had a link about it on his Twitter wall that I noticed. It caught my attention because I have a background in art. It’s beautiful! I have no need of it though and hoped you would keep it and enjoy it, but that is certainly up to you and the Lord and not my business. I was excited to discover your work.”

This lady, whom I’ve never met, sent $300 through Paypal saying that she just wanted to sow the money into our ministry.

So, I received first prize money ($75) for a cobbler competition I didn’t win and now have $300 for a painting I didn’t sell! I wonder what else I CAN’T do for the sake of the ministry!

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