A Busy Week


Tarboro, N.C.

We are heading down the highway back to Fayetteville as I type this post. The passenger seat of our vehicle often becomes my office.

We just spent the weekend in Tarboro visiting with longtime friends. Yesterday, we ministered at Rock Church and enjoyed a fellowship meal afterwards. We had such a great time – so great, in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures (the one to the left is a stock photo)!

Prit shared testimony after testimony of God’s goodness towards us over the years, building up the faith of God’s people. Many came forward for prayer. What a joy it is to pray for people!

Friday evening we went with Myrtle Wickham (our host) to eat at the Country Sunrise Grill & BBQ. The owner came over to speak with us. Elwood is a member of Rock Church. I thought he looked familiar and asked him, “Didn’t we pray for you last year for the Lord to help you start a new business?” He grinned and made a sweeping gesture across the room exclaiming, “Yes, here it is. The Lord answered your prayer!” He proceeded to tell us that the Lord had truly prospered him and now he sees the restaurant as his place of ministry. He’s led many people to the Lord and prays for everyone who comes there to eat.

If you’re ever in the Tarboro area, make sure you visit this place. They have some of the best barbecue chicken around and treat you like family. If Elwood’s there, let him know we sent you. He’ll give you the full story of how the Lord helped him start his business. It’s amazing!

Pastor Joel with Pastor Delinx from our church.

While we’ve been traveling in the States, our missionary friends, Joel and Yvonne Trimble drove to Cap-Haitien and ministered in our church Sunday, a week ago. Joel and Yvonne are special friends with giving hearts. When Prit was in the hospital, both Joel and Yvonne called to comfort me during one of the hardest trials of my life. During that time, Joel offered to fly up to Cap-Haitian and minister to our mother church in Petite-Anse. He came preaching faith and ignited the fervor of our people who were still praying for Prit and anxiously waiting for his recovery and return to Haiti. Last Sunday, Joel preached on prayer and, as usual, greatly encouraged our people in our absence.

Yvonne Trimble sharing with the church.

Joel and Yvonne now travel all over Haiti with the La Bonne Nouvelle broadcast showing their viewers the beautiful parts of Haiti. While many only see the poverty-stricken areas of Haiti, it is their goal to introduce others to the beautiful island that it is. They were filming in Cap-Haitien last weekend and other areas in the north of Haiti where our ministry is located, so offered to minister in our church as well.

Thank you Joel and Yvonne for strengthening the brethren in Cap-Haitien!

For more information concerning Joel and Yvonne’s ministry, visit their YouTube channel.

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