Max Is Back!

Dog holding a blank sign in her mouth

Summer is passing quickly and it will soon be time for our schools to crank back up again in Haiti. This means the feeding program will start up as well.

Max is back to cheer us on as we move forward in raising the needed funds for the school year. Our goal is $53,000 for the entire year. This is a great challenge, but Max is up to the task!
Did you know that you can feed a child two hot meals a week for an entire year for $40? How many of you would like to make a one-time yearly commitment of $40 to assure a child has a place at the table? We have 1,300 students, teachers, and staff to feed!
Will you be one of the first to respond?

1 thought on “Max Is Back!

  1. This is a note from John & Gloria Dean of Faith Temple, we are still pledging $30.00 per month to “Feed The Children of Haiti” through Faith Temple. Our FTKids are in the process of raising funds ever Sunday this summer and they have already collected or a $1,000. We’ll get there!!

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