aglowPrit and I had the privilege of ministering at the Aglow chapter of New Bern, North Carolina this past Saturday. We were truly amazed at the depth of spirituality among the women that attended. Their worship was one of consecration and almost all of them came forward for prayer afterwards. There was one gentlemen (other than Prit) in the crowd as well. He and his wife prayed a special prayer of blessing over us afterwards.

Prit shared briefly about his special link with Aglow. Who would have guessed that he had been saved at a women’s meeting? That Saturday was January 7, 1978. At that time, it was called Women’s Aglow and the ladies’ families were invited for this inaugural, special meeting in Fayetteville, N.C. The speaker that day was Marquita Clevenger. She had a powerful testimony in that she had been born without eyeballs. Her mother took her to a tent meeting in 1936. As the evangelist prayed over her baby, Marquita, the mother received faith from God to believe for Marquita’s healing.

Every morning, Marquita’s mother would open her daughter’s eyes in good faith to cleanse the pus from her empty sockets that had formed during the night. One day, she opened a socket to behold a beautiful brown eye staring back at her! She quickly checked the other socket and realized that her faith had come to fruition and that her little girl had been healed. The parents returned to the doctor with Marquita. This doctor had previously told them he couldn’t do anything for their baby. When he saw the miracle that had taken place, he immediately fell on his knees and gave his life to the Lord.

After listening to Marquita share her story that morning, Prit went forward and gave his life to the Lord. Little did he know that this would be the first step in embarking upon a ministry that would yield forth miracles of its own! I only regret that we didn’t purpose to find Marquita before she went to be with the Lord. In this way, she could have known that fruit from her ministry had gone to the mission field of Haiti to serve in the Lord’s vineyard.

After Prit shared this testimony, I shared once again about Prit’s healing that occurred in 2010 in Alberta, Canada. By the time we both had finished, no one was in a hurry to go home. They came forward to get a special touch from the Lord.

Today, Aglow is no longer just a women’s group, but is now comprised of both men and women.

If you’re interested in Marquita Clevenger’s story, here’s a link to where you can read about her further.

2 thoughts on “Aglow!

  1. My name is min. Sandy. Im the director of this years empowerment retreat in rocky mt n.c. i want 2 invite u to speak on the women of empowerment panel, please call fmi. 2672414912

    • Hi Sandy, I would love to! We are in Haiti, however, and won’t be back in the States until around the end of May or first week of June. Our Bible School graduation is around then and hinges on when our guest speakers will be here from the States. But, the whole summer is open. If you’d like me to call, let me know a good time. God bless! Dana

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