Gateway Christian Center

GCC-Logo-concept-No-Background-21Last Sunday, Prit and I had a great time at Gateway Christian Center in Middlesex, North Carolina. Pastor Gerald Wiggs and his wife, Geraline, are some of our most trusted and respected friends in the Gospel. Our friendship extends back over a span of 24 years. During some of our darkest days, we have picked up the phone and called these two prayer warriors and urged them to intercede for us. Their faith to believe for miracles is in a realm of its own and they have seen quite a few miracles in their own lives. We are so grateful for their support and prayers.

Gateway Christian Center now has a Spanish interpreter. They have been reaching out to the Hispanic population in their area. Around one-third of Pastor Gerald’s congregation has come from outside the United States. The mission field has always been a top priority for the Wiggs. They have supported our work in Haiti for years and have a work they started in the Dominican Republic. It’s no surprise to us that the world is now coming to their door.
Thank you, Gateway Christian Center, for your faithful and generous support of Rehoboth Ministries. We look forward to having Pastor Gerald come visit us in October 2013!

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