An Exciting Week!

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Vic Langel

This has been an exciting week! Our good friend, Vic Langel, has been with us and has ministered in our main church as well as in our Bible institute. His fellowship with us has been just as great a ministry as his teaching, for it can get lonely here sometimes. It’s been so nice to have someone to laugh and joke with from our home country.


 We had two visitors from CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) on Tuesday. They came to film the feeding program in our main school. They also conducted interviews of our school director and of Prit and me. Thank you Caitlin Burke and Chris Tobey or the great time we had together. Caitlin and Chris are visiting other ministries in Cap-Haitian and will be traveling to Port-au-Prince as well to see what the Lord is doing in the south of Haiti. Be looking for us and other ministries in Haiti on the 700 Club soon! **Chris is in the third picture on the right.


We have great news! Thanks to the hearts that have been touched for the students of our Bible institute, we have received enough money to provide scholarships for all of our students. One cannot begin to imagine what a relief this provides to these young men who long to excel in the study of God’s Word. We send a great big SHOUTOUT to all the wonderful people who joined hands with us to help our Bible school students, as many of them are now completing their final year. All our students say Merci!

More Than Meets The Eye


This young boy in our Sainte-Philomène school is a happy camper!

Our Feeding Program for 2015-2016 is in full swing! There are few things that are as rewarding as watching a hungry child receive proper nourishment. We are especially grateful to Orphans Promise for helping our school feeding program get back on its feet again this year as well as for the impact this program is making here in the north of Haiti.

There is truly more here than meets the eye. A little child who quietly eats her food at her bench can easily represent an extended family at home who are not quite as fortunate as she. However, because she is in our school, she can lift an enormous burden from their shoulders by returning home with a full stomach. Simply said, it’s one less mouth to feed for a family who’s already living hand to mouth. If just one child in the home gets a substantial meal, five days a week, there is no way to describe how much relief this brings upon the rest of the family. So, when you give, you not only touch a child, you also touch an entire family. This is no small thing.

Rehoboth Ministries also plays a part in make this program run effectively. There are additional costs involved on our end. This is why we are presently raising funds to ensure that all our students eat regularly and on time. Below is a list of the extra costs we have calculated for each month to ensure that all goes smoothly. At present, we have over 800 participants in the program. Every week, the number is climbing steadily  and we predict that we will quickly reach our former goal of 1,200 meals daily. Thanks to our generous supporters who have continued to give, we already have four months covered in our account.

For this reason, would you please pray about contributing to Rehoboth and earmark your gift for the Feeding Program? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Goal per month: $2,600 US

Expenses include:

large gas tanks for our stoves – $70 per tank
oil, spices, and vegetables to augment the food
cleaning products for washing dishes, cleaning and mopping kitchen
driver for the marketgas for and maintenance of the truck
salaries for cooks 
kitchen utensils, etc.
workers for hauling gas tanks and other items, to wash dishes/clean up afterwards
An administrator who:

  •  provides oversight of the food distribution from the depot to the schools
  • visits the schools regularly to ensure the food is properly distributed and that there’s no waste

Our Supporters Speak!

“Having traveled to Haiti on 4 occasions and visited Rehoboth Ministries each time, I’m always impressed with the work that has been accomplished in establishing strong churches, a school with over a thousand children, a feeding program and a leadership training institute. It has been our privilege to support them and stand with Pritchard, Dana and now their son John. I wholeheartedly recommend them as a vital work of Gospel ministry in the nation of Haiti and deserving of your support.”
John Finochio
Lead Pastor
Crossroads Life Church
Harrison Ontario

It’s The Little Things

imagesAs I sit here, I’m watching our friend, Manno, install a ceiling fan for us. Fans are high on the priority list here in Haiti because the heat is like a smothering blanket in the middle of summer and on through September. Manno has been working for hours. First he had to buy a pipe downtown, get someone to drill holes in it, then spray paint it white. It took two days just to get this done and *voila* we had an extension for our fan. But, because the ceiling in our den is very high, Manno has been standing on a ladder with his head turned up for hours trying to install our fan. I’ve been thinking today about this and other things that give such joy — like Manno’s labor of love. It’s truly the little things like this that make one’s day.

For months, we’ve been praying for rain. Finally, this week we had a few gentle showers which crept up like a stranger and blessed us at night. We didn’t even know it had come. By morning, we could only see the traces it had left behind. It’s the little things, like a refreshing rain, that nourish the soul.

My friend, Kathy, came bearing gifts last week. While Steve ministered for hours to leave an impartation of rich spiritual food for our people, Kathy remembered the little things. Kathy brought dvd’s and said there are more on the way. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched the same movies over and over again. Kathy knew that and was thoughtful of ministering to us as well.

Kathy has a friend I’ve never met. Yet, she sewed two beautiful lightweight house dresses for me after reading my post about the insufferable heat. How thoughtful! One was larger than the other, so I sent that one to Pastor Lefort’s wife who had just recently had a baby. It was both a joy to receive and a joy to give.

We had received some food boxes from some dear friends just before Steve and Kathy had arrived. What fun it was unpacking them and even more fun eating the contents! How rich we are to have friends who remember the things we enjoy from the States. One of my friends sent a product of North Carolina in her box — sweet potatoes. She knows I love baked, sweet potatoes. It’s the little things.

We have been blessed by some kind, thoughtful people who have remembered our Bible institute students. They send $20 a month — not really that much money, but a lot to a struggling student who doesn’t have a job.

My list could continue, but I’ll draw the line here. I’m listening to the laughter and chatter of some of our church guys in the other room who were so happy to receive a sandwich, some popcorn, and some cookies tonight. Manno was rewarded for installing our fan and the others were rewarded — well, just for being there. It wasn’t a feast, but I didn’t want to send them away hungry. Listening to them laugh and talk Haitian politics was reward enough.

It’s the little moments of the day that we remember and it’s the little things that add up to make life what it is. What are some of the little things that bring you joy and pleasure?

Guest Ministry, Fyèv Chalè, And School’s in Session

Guest Ministry


     John interpreting for Steve

What a great time we had this week hosting the Fitzpatricks! They returned to San Diego on Tuesday. This is truly a special couple. Since the other side of our compound (where the Bible School is located) is not yet hooked up to our generator, Steve taught during a three- hour period with not so much as one fan blowing on him. His shirt was drenched and he put on another one .midway and kept right on teaching. Now, that’s commitment!


Bible School students, past and present, receiving teaching from Steve. I’m sure you recognize the fellow in the bottom left corner!

We are so grateful for Steve’s rich ministry time in our main church, with our Discipleship School, and with the Bible institute. Kathy also came bearing gifts from afar. Sweets and new dvd’s on the mission field are like hidden treasure! Thank you, dear friends, for coming and blessing us so! Be sure to check out their website:

Fyèv Chalè

We have been going through an incredibly hot season here in Haiti. The intense heat, coupled with practically no city electricity, has caused many people’s bodies to break down under the strain. The majority of our Haitian friends live in small concrete houses. Due to lack of security in their neighborhoods, this means doors and windows are shut up tight producing an almost unbearable way of life. Because of this, many folks have fyèv chalè (fevers caused by the heat) and are forced to their beds to recover. After asking  “Where has so and so been lately?” the answer is usually, “Oh, he’s home with the fever.”

One day our cook, Marie, knocked on our door forty-five minutes late to call us for breakfast. I asked her why she was so late getting the food on the table. “Man Pas, it took me so long to get to sleep because it was so hot! I moved out to the porch and finally fell asleep. Then I overslept and got to work late.” I could’t argue with that! Would you please remember to pray for more rain and for the city electricity to be restored? We did have a nice, soft rain last night for the first time in weeks, but we sure could use some more!

School’s In Session!


Students from our Sainte-Philomène school

Our schools are back in session. We are entering into our third week. As always, the students have been returning at a snail’s pace. Their parents are scrambling to pull resources together to pay for tuition, books, and uniforms. Most Haitians live hand-to-mouth.  For most of them, the words savings account, emergency fund, and retirement are not even in their vocabulary. I wish I had all the money in the world to help relieve the pressure that this time of year brings to those who love their children as much as we do. We are so thankful to all of you who continue to help us with their needs, especially with our feeding program. Would you like to join those who are already giving? There’s still time to give so these students can enjoy a hot meal every day!

Our supporters speak!  

I donate financial assistance to Rehoboth Ministries to help Haitians that live in poverty and despair. Rehoboth Ministries is God’s hand extended to meet those needs. I know the Adams and their commitment to this ministry. I would encourage anyone to invest in this ministry. – Gail Daniels

Busy Just Got Busier!

It’s a busy time here with our schools and feeding program starting back up, plus we have guests on the way! Here’s a glimpse of our schedule for this month.


             Steve & Kathy Fitzpatrick

Friday, 11 September: Steve & Kathy Fitzpatrick of Herald Faith Ministries arrive for 4 days of intense teaching. Coming all the way from San Diego, California, we are looking forward to a rich time of ministry and fellowship!

Saturday, 12 September: Discipleship School: Our training program for all age groups is starting back up on Sunday. On Saturday, Steve will share a  message with the teachers and monitors. Afterwards, Prit will teach the first lesson of the year. On Sunday at 8:00 a.m. sharp, hundreds of members (young and old)  will  eagerly enter the classrooms of our main church in Petite-Anse to receive instruction from God’s Word. For the remainder of the year, John will teach the teachers who will in turn teach the church members – in domino fashion.

Sunday, 13 September: Steve will preach in our main service

Monday, 14 September: Steve will teach our Bible school students/ Our feeding program will also be starting back up for the new school year!

Tuesday, 15 September: The Fitzpatricks return to the States


                                 Vic Langel

24 September – 1 October: Vic Langel from Trinity Church (one of our supporting churches in Tacoma, Washington), will be here to encourage those of us here on the field and also to minister in our church. Vic has a true missionary’s heart and has traveled all over the world to encourage other missionaries.  This will be his third trip to Cap-Haitian. Guess he just can’t get enough of us!

As you can see, Rehoboth Ministries is all about discipleship on all levels. Our guest ministers will help us ground our disciples in the truth and we greatly look forward to their coming. Busy just got busier!

Prayers All Around

Please Pray For Laney

11986474_10207210752808645_3885499370331250837_nI am asking for your prayers today for my brother, Laney. Out of a family of five children, Laney was #4 and I was #5. Laney is one-and-a-half years older than me. He had an accident this week. He fell and fractured his skull. When they found him, he had no feeling in his left arm or leg. Since then, the feeling has returned. The doctor says he will be ok. However, Laney is a diabetic and has not been in good health for some time. These are some of the most difficult trials, I believe, for missionaries. When you’re far away and loved ones are hurting, you can’t rush to their side. However, there is no distance in prayer!

Hurricane Erika


November 2014 – Flooding in Cap-Haitian

Speaking of prayers, the Lord has greatly spared the north of Haiti from what could have been a time of great devastation and sorrow. Hurricane Erika was headed our way, but was greatly weakened by Haiti’s mountains and eventually veered south. Last year, lives were lost right here in Cap-Haitian due to heavy flooding in the main streets. The riverbanks also overflowed and some residents died in mudslides. Where there is no infrastructure, the calamity is worse.

Fortunately, no lives were lost this year. We have had some gentle rains, but could sure use more. This summer, the heat has been practically unbearable.

Many of you were praying for us during this past week and we thank you!

The Bible Institute

scholarshipsThe Covenant of Grace Bible Institute is back in full swing! We have two different promotions running on different tracks. For one of the promotions, this year is their final lap before their graduation in May. I’m sure they would love to have your prayers for them as they are already studying and completing a heavy load of class assigments.

We are so grateful to all of you who have stepped up and graciously provided some scholarships for these students. Funds have already been allocated to cover 6 1/2 students. There are 13 students in all. Each student pays $240 a year. This may not seem like much for us. However, for someone on poverty level, it’s a massive figure.

There is still time to help! Thanks for helping us train up future leaders

Thanks again for the prayers all around!