Prayers All Around

Please Pray For Laney

11986474_10207210752808645_3885499370331250837_nI am asking for your prayers today for my brother, Laney. Out of a family of five children, Laney was #4 and I was #5. Laney is one-and-a-half years older than me. He had an accident this week. He fell and fractured his skull. When they found him, he had no feeling in his left arm or leg. Since then, the feeling has returned. The doctor says he will be ok. However, Laney is a diabetic and has not been in good health for some time. These are some of the most difficult trials, I believe, for missionaries. When you’re far away and loved ones are hurting, you can’t rush to their side. However, there is no distance in prayer!

Hurricane Erika


November 2014 – Flooding in Cap-Haitian

Speaking of prayers, the Lord has greatly spared the north of Haiti from what could have been a time of great devastation and sorrow. Hurricane Erika was headed our way, but was greatly weakened by Haiti’s mountains and eventually veered south. Last year, lives were lost right here in Cap-Haitian due to heavy flooding in the main streets. The riverbanks also overflowed and some residents died in mudslides. Where there is no infrastructure, the calamity is worse.

Fortunately, no lives were lost this year. We have had some gentle rains, but could sure use more. This summer, the heat has been practically unbearable.

Many of you were praying for us during this past week and we thank you!

The Bible Institute

scholarshipsThe Covenant of Grace Bible Institute is back in full swing! We have two different promotions running on different tracks. For one of the promotions, this year is their final lap before their graduation in May. I’m sure they would love to have your prayers for them as they are already studying and completing a heavy load of class assigments.

We are so grateful to all of you who have stepped up and graciously provided some scholarships for these students. Funds have already been allocated to cover 6 1/2 students. There are 13 students in all. Each student pays $240 a year. This may not seem like much for us. However, for someone on poverty level, it’s a massive figure.

There is still time to help! Thanks for helping us train up future leaders

Thanks again for the prayers all around!

5 thoughts on “Prayers All Around

  1. Dana, Prit Thanks  We will pray for your brother Laney and praise God He diverted the storm. Jerry and Judy

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 6.

  2. Great to hear you are all safe and that Erica did not cause any loss of life!
    Blessings and will remember your brother in our prayers.

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