Busy Just Got Busier!

It’s a busy time here with our schools and feeding program starting back up, plus we have guests on the way! Here’s a glimpse of our schedule for this month.


             Steve & Kathy Fitzpatrick

Friday, 11 September: Steve & Kathy Fitzpatrick of Herald Faith Ministries arrive for 4 days of intense teaching. Coming all the way from San Diego, California, we are looking forward to a rich time of ministry and fellowship!

Saturday, 12 September: Discipleship School: Our training program for all age groups is starting back up on Sunday. On Saturday, Steve will share a  message with the teachers and monitors. Afterwards, Prit will teach the first lesson of the year. On Sunday at 8:00 a.m. sharp, hundreds of members (young and old)  will  eagerly enter the classrooms of our main church in Petite-Anse to receive instruction from God’s Word. For the remainder of the year, John will teach the teachers who will in turn teach the church members – in domino fashion.

Sunday, 13 September: Steve will preach in our main service

Monday, 14 September: Steve will teach our Bible school students/ Our feeding program will also be starting back up for the new school year!

Tuesday, 15 September: The Fitzpatricks return to the States


                                 Vic Langel

24 September – 1 October: Vic Langel from Trinity Church (one of our supporting churches in Tacoma, Washington), will be here to encourage those of us here on the field and also to minister in our church. Vic has a true missionary’s heart and has traveled all over the world to encourage other missionaries.  This will be his third trip to Cap-Haitian. Guess he just can’t get enough of us!

As you can see, Rehoboth Ministries is all about discipleship on all levels. Our guest ministers will help us ground our disciples in the truth and we greatly look forward to their coming. Busy just got busier!

2 thoughts on “Busy Just Got Busier!

  1. I really enjoy hearing all the things you guys are doing in Ayiti Cheri. I only miss Haiti every day of my life. It helps to keep it in the forefront of my heart and prayer life. May the Lord give you all the grace and strength and provision you need to fulfill all the plans of HIS heart. And may He give you all the EDH electricity you need! 🙂 We love you guys. Big hugs all around. Don and Carol Barnett

  2. I love hearing & seeing how things are starting up for you in the fall! God sure keeps a great kingdom calendar! School starting up here, too. My prayers and love to all of you and especially for the feeding program and school!

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