An Exciting Week!

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Vic Langel

This has been an exciting week! Our good friend, Vic Langel, has been with us and has ministered in our main church as well as in our Bible institute. His fellowship with us has been just as great a ministry as his teaching, for it can get lonely here sometimes. It’s been so nice to have someone to laugh and joke with from our home country.


 We had two visitors from CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) on Tuesday. They came to film the feeding program in our main school. They also conducted interviews of our school director and of Prit and me. Thank you Caitlin Burke and Chris Tobey or the great time we had together. Caitlin and Chris are visiting other ministries in Cap-Haitian and will be traveling to Port-au-Prince as well to see what the Lord is doing in the south of Haiti. Be looking for us and other ministries in Haiti on the 700 Club soon! **Chris is in the third picture on the right.


We have great news! Thanks to the hearts that have been touched for the students of our Bible institute, we have received enough money to provide scholarships for all of our students. One cannot begin to imagine what a relief this provides to these young men who long to excel in the study of God’s Word. We send a great big SHOUTOUT to all the wonderful people who joined hands with us to help our Bible school students, as many of them are now completing their final year. All our students say Merci!

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