Guest Ministry, Fyèv Chalè, And School’s in Session

Guest Ministry


     John interpreting for Steve

What a great time we had this week hosting the Fitzpatricks! They returned to San Diego on Tuesday. This is truly a special couple. Since the other side of our compound (where the Bible School is located) is not yet hooked up to our generator, Steve taught during a three- hour period with not so much as one fan blowing on him. His shirt was drenched and he put on another one .midway and kept right on teaching. Now, that’s commitment!


Bible School students, past and present, receiving teaching from Steve. I’m sure you recognize the fellow in the bottom left corner!

We are so grateful for Steve’s rich ministry time in our main church, with our Discipleship School, and with the Bible institute. Kathy also came bearing gifts from afar. Sweets and new dvd’s on the mission field are like hidden treasure! Thank you, dear friends, for coming and blessing us so! Be sure to check out their website:

Fyèv Chalè

We have been going through an incredibly hot season here in Haiti. The intense heat, coupled with practically no city electricity, has caused many people’s bodies to break down under the strain. The majority of our Haitian friends live in small concrete houses. Due to lack of security in their neighborhoods, this means doors and windows are shut up tight producing an almost unbearable way of life. Because of this, many folks have fyèv chalè (fevers caused by the heat) and are forced to their beds to recover. After asking  “Where has so and so been lately?” the answer is usually, “Oh, he’s home with the fever.”

One day our cook, Marie, knocked on our door forty-five minutes late to call us for breakfast. I asked her why she was so late getting the food on the table. “Man Pas, it took me so long to get to sleep because it was so hot! I moved out to the porch and finally fell asleep. Then I overslept and got to work late.” I could’t argue with that! Would you please remember to pray for more rain and for the city electricity to be restored? We did have a nice, soft rain last night for the first time in weeks, but we sure could use some more!

School’s In Session!


Students from our Sainte-Philomène school

Our schools are back in session. We are entering into our third week. As always, the students have been returning at a snail’s pace. Their parents are scrambling to pull resources together to pay for tuition, books, and uniforms. Most Haitians live hand-to-mouth.  For most of them, the words savings account, emergency fund, and retirement are not even in their vocabulary. I wish I had all the money in the world to help relieve the pressure that this time of year brings to those who love their children as much as we do. We are so thankful to all of you who continue to help us with their needs, especially with our feeding program. Would you like to join those who are already giving? There’s still time to give so these students can enjoy a hot meal every day!

Our supporters speak!  

I donate financial assistance to Rehoboth Ministries to help Haitians that live in poverty and despair. Rehoboth Ministries is God’s hand extended to meet those needs. I know the Adams and their commitment to this ministry. I would encourage anyone to invest in this ministry. – Gail Daniels

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