More Than Meets The Eye


This young boy in our Sainte-Philomène school is a happy camper!

Our Feeding Program for 2015-2016 is in full swing! There are few things that are as rewarding as watching a hungry child receive proper nourishment. We are especially grateful to Orphans Promise for helping our school feeding program get back on its feet again this year as well as for the impact this program is making here in the north of Haiti.

There is truly more here than meets the eye. A little child who quietly eats her food at her bench can easily represent an extended family at home who are not quite as fortunate as she. However, because she is in our school, she can lift an enormous burden from their shoulders by returning home with a full stomach. Simply said, it’s one less mouth to feed for a family who’s already living hand to mouth. If just one child in the home gets a substantial meal, five days a week, there is no way to describe how much relief this brings upon the rest of the family. So, when you give, you not only touch a child, you also touch an entire family. This is no small thing.

Rehoboth Ministries also plays a part in make this program run effectively. There are additional costs involved on our end. This is why we are presently raising funds to ensure that all our students eat regularly and on time. Below is a list of the extra costs we have calculated for each month to ensure that all goes smoothly. At present, we have over 800 participants in the program. Every week, the number is climbing steadily  and we predict that we will quickly reach our former goal of 1,200 meals daily. Thanks to our generous supporters who have continued to give, we already have four months covered in our account.

For this reason, would you please pray about contributing to Rehoboth and earmark your gift for the Feeding Program? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Goal per month: $2,600 US

Expenses include:

large gas tanks for our stoves – $70 per tank
oil, spices, and vegetables to augment the food
cleaning products for washing dishes, cleaning and mopping kitchen
driver for the marketgas for and maintenance of the truck
salaries for cooks 
kitchen utensils, etc.
workers for hauling gas tanks and other items, to wash dishes/clean up afterwards
An administrator who:

  •  provides oversight of the food distribution from the depot to the schools
  • visits the schools regularly to ensure the food is properly distributed and that there’s no waste

Our Supporters Speak!

“Having traveled to Haiti on 4 occasions and visited Rehoboth Ministries each time, I’m always impressed with the work that has been accomplished in establishing strong churches, a school with over a thousand children, a feeding program and a leadership training institute. It has been our privilege to support them and stand with Pritchard, Dana and now their son John. I wholeheartedly recommend them as a vital work of Gospel ministry in the nation of Haiti and deserving of your support.”
John Finochio
Lead Pastor
Crossroads Life Church
Harrison Ontario

3 thoughts on “More Than Meets The Eye

  1. We have known Dana and Prit for many, many years and the best way to describe them and their work with Rehoboth is that they are Godly servants who have impeccable character. It seems to us that as Christians we need to be very discerning as to which ministries and charities we support. We can recommend Rehoboth Ministries, and their feeding program for children, without reservation or hesitation.

  2. I have made two trips to Cap-Hatien. I have personally seen the unselfish dedication of Prit, Dana and John Adams. They are genuine missionaries with a huge heart for Haiti. They are being used by God to transform Haiti one person at a time. The investment my church makes to their ministry is reaping huge rewards.

    Vic Langel
    Mission Committee
    Trimity Church of Pierce County
    Tacoma, Washington

  3. Having been with the Pritchard and Dana twice, I have seen the simple love between them and their people, their high-quality worship team, and the massive project of feeding all those kids. It’s a joy to maximize His money by giving to these people of integrity. —- Chris Lund, shepherd of Wendover Christian Fellowship, in Utah and Nevada

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