$20,000 Challenge!

challenge-acceptedWe hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving this year. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with the missionary community in the north of Haiti tomorrow and are really looking forward to it. We stay so busy throughout the year and don’t get to see our missionary friends very often unless it’s at a planned event. It’s always a very special time to hear what God is doing through others in Haiti.

We have also received another huge CHALLENGE from a supporter and wonder if the Lord would touch your hearts to help us? This time it is for $20,000 and the deadline is December 31, 2013. We have just a little over a month to match this $20,000 gift. So, here we are, our motors racing and ready to take on a God-sized challenge. If we can accomplish this feat, we will have $40,000 to advance the Kingdom of God in Haiti through Rehoboth Ministries. *All the funds will be used towards the construction of our main church facility.

We humbly ask that you would join us in this endeavor. If we can reach this goal, we will be giving thanks long after Thanksgiving is over.

Smiles, Songs, and Swallows


Sunday morning, we attended the anniversary of our church plant in Belle-Hôtesse. We had a great service. Afterwards, we gave out the rest of the bracelets the Trinity Church team from Tacoma, WA, brought as gifts. These kids were super excited and all smiles. It’s amazing what joy a simple gift can bring to those who have so little of this world’s goods.


We’re so proud of the spontaneous mixed choir that came together a couple of Saturdays ago to record with Pastor Mitch Ham for his project, One Voice. Singers from various choirs and groups from the church at Petite-Anse and our other church plant in Sainte-Philomène joined together to help Pastor Mitch record part of a song that will be on his upcoming album. We can’t wait to hear the final results.


After the service at Belle-Hôtesse on Sunday, we drove into Cap-Haitian to eat at the Roil Christophe Hotel. Since we didn’t get to celebrate Prit’s birthday on Saturday, we decided to eat out on Sunday. I made the mistake of ordering fish and got a bone caught in my throat. What followed was a series of methods to get the bone to either go down or come up. Although I could swallow and certainly wasn’t choking, it felt like I had a bad sore throat. I ate bread, marshmallows, and  (fried plantain), all to no avail. After drinking glass after glass of water, I read that undiluted lemon juice would dissolve the bone. I drank lemon juice until I almost gagged. I could still feel the sharp bone pushing again the tissue in my throat and was concerned about a perforation.

Finally, I did what I should have done in the first place. I started writing friends and asking them to pray that the Lord would remove the bone. I certainly didn’t want to go to ER here in Haiti to get a bone extracted. Sometime yesterday, it dawned on me that I could swallow without pain! I am so thankful for a pain-free throat and also thankful for the prayers that went up for me. Now, I find myself taking swallows just because it doesn’t hurt.

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1/3 of the Way!

100-small-house-designWe are 1/3 of the way to having the money for the materials that are needed for our kitchen renovation project. The kitchen in our house is so very tiny that two people cannot stand side-by-side in it. It has very limited cabinet space and no drawers. There are no words to describe the frustration of trying to pull a meal together, much less when we have a huge team to feed.

We need $1,500 total to get “Boss” Luckner going on this project. This will pay for the materials to build the cabinets and a small island for the middle of the kitchen. We will knock out the counter and enlarge the space once he has these built and ready to install.

We have received $500 in pledges! Each couple has pledged $100 apiece. Can you help us fulfill our goal? Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated.


happy-birthday-2Happy Birthday

I’d like to wish my awesome husband a “Happy 58th Birthday!” Considering all he’s been through, each birthday truly is a milestone. I pray this year will be the best and most rewarding of all for you. Happy Birthday, Prit!

Thanksgiving Early

Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving! Yes, I know. We were a week early, but we haven’t had turkey in so long that I decided to go ahead and serve it up. I haven’t gotten around to the pumpkin pie yet. Guess that will have to come later!

Thank you Agape Flights for bringing our meals to us. A special thanks to Rock Church again this year for purchasing the meal and making our day special.

Mitch Ham’s Visit & Other News

IMG_0574Pastor Mitch Ham

Pastor Mitch Ham of Goldsboro, North Carolina, flew back to the States on Monday. Mitch accomplished much during his 5-day visit and we had a great time fellowshipping together. Last Wednesday, after he landed at the airport, we drove right over to our main school in Petite-Anse. He visited all the classes and met the teachers. We showed him the foundation of the new church and dreamed together of a new sanctuary as well as a brand new school next door.

Thursday, we were on our way to visit the church/school in Belle-Hôtesse in the countryside. This is the same day our police escort led us to town (the opposite direction from Belle-Hôtesse), and impounded our jeep. Friday, Prit and Mitch took Papito’s jeep and met Pastor Michèl at Belle-Hôtesse. Once again, they talked, prayed, and dreamed together of a new church/school location on this site as well. Prit had a Bible school class that afternoon, so Mitch came back and rested.

Saturday, we traveled together to Petite-Anse to record music for Mitch’s upcoming album, One Voice. Members from our Youth Choir, Adult Choir, and two singing groups (ADPC and The Stars of God) came together to lend their voices to what will be a mass choir from different parts of the world. Our singers sat enthralled as they listened to singers from the Philippines, an island in the Pacific, Nepal, and other countries sing the same part as theirs. Our choir did an amazing job. Mitch grafted their voices together with the multitude of other vocalists, much to the delight of our singers. We are very excited about this upcoming album and honored that Haiti was able to play a part in it!

Mitch shared a great message about Faith, Patience, and Trust at the main church on Sunday morning. He also blessed us with some beautiful songs. He also shared at Pastor Lefort’s church in Sainte-Philomène on Sunday night.

Thank you, Pastor Mitch, for coming and encouraging us so much with your visit!

Generator Woes

Fortunately, our jeep was returned to us on Saturday afternoon. Having felt a “dent” in our finances from having to rent a car for three days, we had another problem arrive on the heels of this one. Our generator started spewing oil and is now in the shop for repairs. The “boss” is lending us his generator until ours is fixed. This will be another unanticipated expense. But, we are still thankful that we don’t have to spend our nights in the dark. At least we’re using a great generator to charge up our inverter. This assures that we have lights, fans, and all those other precious commodities that we so often take for granted!

Would you please help us pray for a second vehicle as well as for the repairs for our generator?


Our last post stated that our feeding program was taken care of through January. Due to the recent offerings we’ve received, we have enough funds to last to the end of February.

The Scent of a Rose

“The fragrance remains upon the hand that gives the rose.” – Anonymous

Screen shot 2013-11-20 at 9.19.54 AMOur children’s feeding program has recently been blessed with some extra offerings. A very dear couple, longtime friends of ours, were recently touched to sow a $10,000 gift into Rehoboth Ministries to help feed the schoolchildren in our three schools. Another dear friend recently celebrated her birthday. Sally specifically asked her friends not to give her birthday gifts or money, but to please make checks out to Rehoboth Ministries for donations to the feeding fund. She raised over $1,500.

We are so very grateful for these kindhearted folks who have looked beyond their own needs and desires in order to make a difference in the lives of others. Then, of course, there are those that make good on their pledges every month and do so quietly, but faithfully.

Like the scent of the rose that lingers on the hand of the giver, we hope the joy of giving will linger in each heart of those who have blessed this ministry in incredible ways. Because of these wonderful donations, the feeding program is funded through the end of January!

Thank you so much for your help!

#1 in the World

100220-N-9643W-097This morning, Prit, Pastor Mitch Ham, and I headed out to visit our second church/school plant in Belle-Hôtesse in the countryside. After that, we had planned to stop by Radio 4VEH so Mitch could see where Prit teaches his Bible lessons in Creole. We also wanted to drop in on one of the singing groups from our church. ADPC (Association des Psalmistes du Cap-Haitien) is in the studio this week finishing up their worship album.

As soon as we left Sainte-Philomène and arrived at the main road, we saw a line of cars that had been stopped by the police. They were checking each car and when they saw us, they flagged us over. Before we knew it, we were being escorted by a policeman on a motorcycle to town. Our only vehicle, the Isuzu Trooper, was then impounded. We spent all afternoon at the Hotel Christophe working on getting our vehicle out. Papito (a chauffeur we hire to drive when we have teams in) went back and forth to the police station for us as we doled out money to do the “necessary” procedures to solve the problem. Finally, Papito returned to the hotel to let us know that we could take his car home and he would bring our Trooper to us in the morning. Hopefully, that will be the case. So much for our typical day!

Pastor Mitch found this story about corrupt police forces online. After a day like today, I’m not surprised by who ranks as #1.

Visitors & Anniversaries

One Voice

580315_10202540279287851_1958296817_nOur friend, Mitch Ham arrives today to spend five days with us here in Cap-Haitien! Mitch is the Music Minister and Missions Director at The Lord’s Table Church in Goldsboro, N.C. We are very excited that he is coming. Mitch has already traveled to several different countries to record voices of praise for his upcoming album called One Voice. Haiti is his last stop and Saturday our choirs will gather together to lend their voices as a final touch to what will become a mass choir from several nations. We are thrilled to be included in the list and can’t wait to see the final results.

The Lord’s Table has faithfully supported Rehoboth Ministries for several years. We’re looking forward to showing Mitch our church sites, schools, Bible institute, and the radio station where Prit teaches his Bible study, “Konnen Bib La” (Knowing the Bible.)

Fourth Anniversary Service

Centre de Formation Chrétienne Church in Sainte-Philomène celebrated its fourth anniversary on Sunday morning. Our third church plant, under the guidance of Pastor Lefort, is growing at a rapid rate and we are already praying about what to do when the present location is no longer big enough to contain the new members that are coming to the Lord. Prit was asked to bring the message, which was a call to prayer. We had a great time of celebration together.


We are still relishing the memories of our wonderful time with the team from Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington. Here are some more pictures of our time spent together. We miss you guys!

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The “A” Team

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We are falling into another rhythm here in Haiti after hosting a nine-member team that came to spend 10 days with us. (Now, you know the reason I haven’t posted in a while!) Our time with the Trinity Church Short-Term Missions Team from Tacoma, Washington, has been incredibly rich in so many ways. Five women and four men came with their sleeves rolled up and ready to work.

Our conference room has been tiled and painted and is well on its way to being opened for business. Day after day, these wonderful men and women labored together to make our dream come true. A special surprise came when they turned their attention our our front porch and painted it as well. Eventually, the porch will become our den and it’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can lift your spirits.

Pastor Steve Allen ministered in our church in Petite-Anse as well as our third church plant here on the compound. He also met with our leaders Saturday morning sowing precious seeds of faith into them. The team members shared their personal testimonies of how they came to the Lord as well as what touched their hearts the most while they were here. Each night they gathered around our table on the porch and took turns sharing a devotional.

We have been so blessed by all the hard work that Pastor Steve and the team accomplished, but also by the rich fellowship and laughter we enjoyed together. They have truly made us feel special and are already planning a second trip. The Lord has left a rich deposit here by their coming and we know that they each returned with a tug on their hearts for world missions.

The pictures provided are a smorgasbord of the many activities that took place while they were here, whether it was handing out gifts to our school children and helping with the feeding program or visiting the many beautiful tourist spots like the beach and the Citadel.

Trinity Team, we have given you a new name. You are the “A Team” because we can only give you the highest grade for your hard work, stellar character, and great love that you have shown to us and to our Haitian brethren. Thank you again, Pastor Rollie Simmons, for sending us the best that you had!