Smiles, Songs, and Swallows


Sunday morning, we attended the anniversary of our church plant in Belle-Hôtesse. We had a great service. Afterwards, we gave out the rest of the bracelets the Trinity Church team from Tacoma, WA, brought as gifts. These kids were super excited and all smiles. It’s amazing what joy a simple gift can bring to those who have so little of this world’s goods.


We’re so proud of the spontaneous mixed choir that came together a couple of Saturdays ago to record with Pastor Mitch Ham for his project, One Voice. Singers from various choirs and groups from the church at Petite-Anse and our other church plant in Sainte-Philomène joined together to help Pastor Mitch record part of a song that will be on his upcoming album. We can’t wait to hear the final results.


After the service at Belle-Hôtesse on Sunday, we drove into Cap-Haitian to eat at the Roil Christophe Hotel. Since we didn’t get to celebrate Prit’s birthday on Saturday, we decided to eat out on Sunday. I made the mistake of ordering fish and got a bone caught in my throat. What followed was a series of methods to get the bone to either go down or come up. Although I could swallow and certainly wasn’t choking, it felt like I had a bad sore throat. I ate bread, marshmallows, and  (fried plantain), all to no avail. After drinking glass after glass of water, I read that undiluted lemon juice would dissolve the bone. I drank lemon juice until I almost gagged. I could still feel the sharp bone pushing again the tissue in my throat and was concerned about a perforation.

Finally, I did what I should have done in the first place. I started writing friends and asking them to pray that the Lord would remove the bone. I certainly didn’t want to go to ER here in Haiti to get a bone extracted. Sometime yesterday, it dawned on me that I could swallow without pain! I am so thankful for a pain-free throat and also thankful for the prayers that went up for me. Now, I find myself taking swallows just because it doesn’t hurt.

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