The “A” Team

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We are falling into another rhythm here in Haiti after hosting a nine-member team that came to spend 10 days with us. (Now, you know the reason I haven’t posted in a while!) Our time with the Trinity Church Short-Term Missions Team from Tacoma, Washington, has been incredibly rich in so many ways. Five women and four men came with their sleeves rolled up and ready to work.

Our conference room has been tiled and painted and is well on its way to being opened for business. Day after day, these wonderful men and women labored together to make our dream come true. A special surprise came when they turned their attention our our front porch and painted it as well. Eventually, the porch will become our den and it’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can lift your spirits.

Pastor Steve Allen ministered in our church in Petite-Anse as well as our third church plant here on the compound. He also met with our leaders Saturday morning sowing precious seeds of faith into them. The team members shared their personal testimonies of how they came to the Lord as well as what touched their hearts the most while they were here. Each night they gathered around our table on the porch and took turns sharing a devotional.

We have been so blessed by all the hard work that Pastor Steve and the team accomplished, but also by the rich fellowship and laughter we enjoyed together. They have truly made us feel special and are already planning a second trip. The Lord has left a rich deposit here by their coming and we know that they each returned with a tug on their hearts for world missions.

The pictures provided are a smorgasbord of the many activities that took place while they were here, whether it was handing out gifts to our school children and helping with the feeding program or visiting the many beautiful tourist spots like the beach and the Citadel.

Trinity Team, we have given you a new name. You are the “A Team” because we can only give you the highest grade for your hard work, stellar character, and great love that you have shown to us and to our Haitian brethren. Thank you again, Pastor Rollie Simmons, for sending us the best that you had!

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  1. Dana, we are having a thanksgiving dinner again this year… I’ve attached the flyer. REALLY hope to see you there!! Love, Karen

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