#1 in the World

100220-N-9643W-097This morning, Prit, Pastor Mitch Ham, and I headed out to visit our second church/school plant in Belle-Hôtesse in the countryside. After that, we had planned to stop by Radio 4VEH so Mitch could see where Prit teaches his Bible lessons in Creole. We also wanted to drop in on one of the singing groups from our church. ADPC (Association des Psalmistes du Cap-Haitien) is in the studio this week finishing up their worship album.

As soon as we left Sainte-Philomène and arrived at the main road, we saw a line of cars that had been stopped by the police. They were checking each car and when they saw us, they flagged us over. Before we knew it, we were being escorted by a policeman on a motorcycle to town. Our only vehicle, the Isuzu Trooper, was then impounded. We spent all afternoon at the Hotel Christophe working on getting our vehicle out. Papito (a chauffeur we hire to drive when we have teams in) went back and forth to the police station for us as we doled out money to do the “necessary” procedures to solve the problem. Finally, Papito returned to the hotel to let us know that we could take his car home and he would bring our Trooper to us in the morning. Hopefully, that will be the case. So much for our typical day!

Pastor Mitch found this story about corrupt police forces online. After a day like today, I’m not surprised by who ranks as #1.

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