$20,000 Challenge!

challenge-acceptedWe hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving this year. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with the missionary community in the north of Haiti tomorrow and are really looking forward to it. We stay so busy throughout the year and don’t get to see our missionary friends very often unless it’s at a planned event. It’s always a very special time to hear what God is doing through others in Haiti.

We have also received another huge CHALLENGE from a supporter and wonder if the Lord would touch your hearts to help us? This time it is for $20,000 and the deadline is December 31, 2013. We have just a little over a month to match this $20,000 gift. So, here we are, our motors racing and ready to take on a God-sized challenge. If we can accomplish this feat, we will have $40,000 to advance the Kingdom of God in Haiti through Rehoboth Ministries. *All the funds will be used towards the construction of our main church facility.

We humbly ask that you would join us in this endeavor. If we can reach this goal, we will be giving thanks long after Thanksgiving is over.

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