Mitch Ham’s Visit & Other News

IMG_0574Pastor Mitch Ham

Pastor Mitch Ham of Goldsboro, North Carolina, flew back to the States on Monday. Mitch accomplished much during his 5-day visit and we had a great time fellowshipping together. Last Wednesday, after he landed at the airport, we drove right over to our main school in Petite-Anse. He visited all the classes and met the teachers. We showed him the foundation of the new church and dreamed together of a new sanctuary as well as a brand new school next door.

Thursday, we were on our way to visit the church/school in Belle-Hôtesse in the countryside. This is the same day our police escort led us to town (the opposite direction from Belle-Hôtesse), and impounded our jeep. Friday, Prit and Mitch took Papito’s jeep and met Pastor Michèl at Belle-Hôtesse. Once again, they talked, prayed, and dreamed together of a new church/school location on this site as well. Prit had a Bible school class that afternoon, so Mitch came back and rested.

Saturday, we traveled together to Petite-Anse to record music for Mitch’s upcoming album, One Voice. Members from our Youth Choir, Adult Choir, and two singing groups (ADPC and The Stars of God) came together to lend their voices to what will be a mass choir from different parts of the world. Our singers sat enthralled as they listened to singers from the Philippines, an island in the Pacific, Nepal, and other countries sing the same part as theirs. Our choir did an amazing job. Mitch grafted their voices together with the multitude of other vocalists, much to the delight of our singers. We are very excited about this upcoming album and honored that Haiti was able to play a part in it!

Mitch shared a great message about Faith, Patience, and Trust at the main church on Sunday morning. He also blessed us with some beautiful songs. He also shared at Pastor Lefort’s church in Sainte-Philomène on Sunday night.

Thank you, Pastor Mitch, for coming and encouraging us so much with your visit!

Generator Woes

Fortunately, our jeep was returned to us on Saturday afternoon. Having felt a “dent” in our finances from having to rent a car for three days, we had another problem arrive on the heels of this one. Our generator started spewing oil and is now in the shop for repairs. The “boss” is lending us his generator until ours is fixed. This will be another unanticipated expense. But, we are still thankful that we don’t have to spend our nights in the dark. At least we’re using a great generator to charge up our inverter. This assures that we have lights, fans, and all those other precious commodities that we so often take for granted!

Would you please help us pray for a second vehicle as well as for the repairs for our generator?


Our last post stated that our feeding program was taken care of through January. Due to the recent offerings we’ve received, we have enough funds to last to the end of February.

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