Angels in Disguise

She has chosen to remain anonymous and give all the glory to God. Even if anonymously, though, we would like to honor a dear friend who was deeply moved by a post written about the death of a beloved sister in our church (“I’ll See You in Heaven” – March 25, 2012). Madame Enock Massillon had traveled out to the countryside to visit her ailing father. It was just going to be a quick visit since she had to get back to Cap-Haitien. School was going to be starting soon and she had a new job as a cook for our main school which fed 900 students, staff, and cooks last year. She was very excited to have the chance to bring this much-needed, additional income to her family. After her visit to the country, however, she never made it home. A speeding bus violently rammed into the little truck she was riding in, instantly killing her and all the other passengers.

Our anonymous friend was deeply moved by this sad ordeal, plus the fact that the family  would also suffer from losing Sister Enock’s salary. She took it upon herself to send a $50 check every month for a year to help the family during their time of indescribable hardship. A letter of profound thanks was sent to Anonymous along with a picture of the Massillons’. A heartfelt letter was written to them in return. The checks are still coming regularly every month and we send them on to Brother Enock.

While her reward is in Heaven, we wanted to share Anonymous’ story with you, our readers. We have witnessed a beautiful demonstration of Christlike love to a heartbroken family, giving them dignity during their distress and providing an example of how someone can leave their comfort zone to enrich the lives of people from another culture. She only agreed to the writing of this post if we’d leave out her name. Therefore, we give our heartfelt thanks to a woman that blessed another woman she never knew by reaching out to those which were most dear to her heart — her family.

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