I’ll See You in Heaven

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post concerning our dear sister in the Lord, Madame Enock Massillon. She had gone into the countryside to visit her ailing mother and tragically was involved in an accident while on her way back to Cap-Haitian. All sixteen passengers that were on her bus were killed as a result of being rammed into by another truck. The driver of the truck fled the scene. This was a terrible blow to the Massillon family as well as to our church family. Upon our return to Haiti, we have found ourselves missing her sweet smile and pleasant disposition.

Since our return, we learned that Sister Enock’s son, Kevin, who is only around eight years old, was sobbing and inconsolable about the loss of his mother. He claims that his mother appeared to him in a vision and told him not to cry and that she would see him in Heaven one day. His mother’s face was so bright, he said, that he could not look directly at her. This has provided some much-needed consolation to the rest of the family. We ask you to please continue to remember this precious family in your prayers.

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