Where Are You John?


                      John’s watch – still waiting for him

10 years ago today Prit, myself, and our yardman were kidnapped at gunpoint. After being paid $300 U.S. to kill Prit in the churchyard, the kidnappers decided it was more profitable to kidnap us instead and demand far more money than a mere $300. The sum quickly became $300,000. Our jeep was commandeered and we were taken far into the countryside. After arguing with each other awhile, they decided to take Prit. After a horrific 3-day ordeal of negotiating for Prit’s release, he was let go. Most of you are already familiar with this story. This year, it is our goal to put it in book form.

But today, I am thinking of John. John was a member of the gang assigned to guard Prit 24/7. Before Prit was released, John poured out his whole heart to him. “I can’t get out of this gang, Pastor. They’ll kill me. If THEY don’t, the police will catch me and then they’ll kill me. My life is over.” His family had already disowned him for joining the gang.

As they were parting, John took off his watch and gave it to Prit. “Pastor, don’t forget to pray for me.” he said. We’ve wondered all these years what ever became of John and have indeed prayed for him, that we may see him in Heaven one day if not before.
So… I’m wondering today, Where are you John?

Haiti’s Nightmare, Haiti’s Hope


                     Haitians worshipping God in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Haiti’s Nightmare

It’s been nothing short of a nightmare this past week for many families who reside in the south of Haiti. How can I begin to describe the devastation and loss of life which have now caused a food crisis and new cholera outbreak? Matthew’s wrath left several cities totally inundated with water and others utterly devastated. While people are burying their dead, they wonder how they, themselves, will survive this catastrophe of “Job-like” proportions.

Valiant humanitarian efforts are being made by many and we applaud them all. What would we do without the organizations and individuals who send their dollars to help the downtrodden? However, looking at the long-term ramifications of lives that were dependent on the little sustenance they had, the Haitian people will be walking into an uncertain future.

Prit, John, and I keep low to the ground here. Knowing that it was THEM and not US (here on the north coast) that was hit, causes us to bow our heads and simply thank the Lord for his preservation. Cap-Haitien is the only major city that was unaffected by the 2010 earthquake and again it appears that we have remain unscathed.

It seems like we’ve been dodging bullets lately. We spent several weeks in North Carolina this summer. It was just after we left our beloved home state that Matthew turned its fury on several areas there which resulted in wide-spread flooding and loss of life.

After a 3-day delay leaving Portland due to the hurricane, (where we were attending the yearly MFI Conference), we were finally rerouted through Los Angeles and then on to Miami. We arrived in Cap-Haitien yesterday.

Haiti’s Hope

In the middle of all the mayhem, there is an incredible story that we MUST share with you. Please click on the link below. You don’t want to miss this! The city of Jérémie was one of the  hardest hit areas in the country. Yet, this article reveals the faith and resilience of the citizens that remain in the City of the Poets.  In the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, there were Haitians singing in the streets. We have a similar story here. Haiti’s hope is the Gospel working through his church in spite of overwhelming odds. The light has not gone out. Au contraire, the light is getting brighter in Haiti.

Click here for the full story.

Rerouted – in more ways than one

unnamedPrit and I have been attending a ministerial conference all week long here in Portland. We were due to fly out tonight to Miami. However, after lashing out against Haiti and leaving at least 108 people dead, Matthew’s fury is now aimed at the coast of Florida.

Prit and I were due to make an all-night flight to Miami, then change planes to arrive in Cap-Haitian tomorrow afternoon. So much for our best-laid plans! Our flights have been rescheduled for Saturday morning instead. We are being rerouted from here to Los Angeles and will fly on to Miami, putting us there around 7:00 p.m. Saturday evening. Hopefully, we can then fly into Cap on Sunday. Of course, after 33 years on the mission field, we know all too well that our plans could easily change again if airports are not up and running either stateside or in Haiti. We need your prayers!

I also learned this morning that my brother-in-law passed away suddenly from pancreatic cancer. He had just received his test results this past week, but we didn’t think the end would come so suddenly. I have spent the morning talking with my oldest sister, Sarah, and other family members. Please remember the Blue family in your prayers. This is where missions gets tough. Everything in me wants to return to North Carolina to console my sister, yet we have guest ministry due to fly in next week. Their tickets have been bought and they have prepared to do a marriage seminar for our people.

We remember, with much affection, Roger Blue, who has now been rerouted to Heaven’s gates. We will surely miss you, Roger, and feel a deep sadness in our hearts. We remember those in Haiti  as well – who are also now laying their loved ones to rest.


A Quick Update on Hurricane Matthew


This is a pic sent by one of the translators that helped in our medical clinic last July who now resides in the south of Haiti

I am writing from a hotel in Portland where we are attending an MFI Conference. We plan to take an all-night flight back to Haiti on Friday (Portland – Charlotte – Miami – Cap-Haitian.) Doing all this in one voyage exhausts me to even think about it!

We thank all of you who have written, expressed your concerns, and prayed for Haiti and for our safety. Our son, John, is already back in Haiti and reports that all is well in Cap-Haitian. Other than needed rainfall, we have found grace, once again, in the eyes of the Lord. In 2010, Cap was one of the few major cities that was spared from the devastation of the earthquake which took thousands of lives in the south of Haiti. We thank the Lord for his watchful eye over us.

The areas of Port-au-Prince and those surrounding it were not as fortunate, however. Some died and many were swept away by floodwaters. Others have had to wade through dirty water most likely brought up from the sewers and have opened themselves up to all sort of maladies. Haiti’s lack of infrastructure basically makes its citizens “sitting ducks.” It’s all very sad.

However, the Lord has raised up ministries that are here just for that. Rehoboth is one of them. We do know other MFI Pastors located in the south who could definitely use your help during this time. The main bridge that connects them with the road that leads to the capital has been washed away. If you would like to send funds to our account, we can surely see that they will get them. Just please remember to earmark your gift, Haiti/Hurricane.

You can watch the link below to get an idea of Matthew’s effect on Haiti. Being the poorest country in our hemisphere, there is ALWAYS a good time to give regardless of a menacing hurricane or any other natural disaster. There will still be those who are sick, malnourished, in need of an education, and the list goes on and on. Would you consider becoming a partner who regularly gives into Rehoboth Ministries? We can tell you how!


Catastrophe Averted

”Unless the LORD had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence. When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up.”  Psalm 94:17-18 KJV

clouds-of-gloryAs I slowly read what Pastor Délinx was typing out on the computer screen, my stomach did a flip-flop. Worst-case scenarios flooded my mind as I thought through the ramifications of what COULD have been, had not the Lord been on our side.

A huge, semi-truck loaded down with a TRIMESTER’S worth of pre-packaged food had taken off from the mission compound in Archaie located to the north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Its drivers were making the grueling five-hour trip up north to Cap-Haitian on what some people still call roads. Much of the way, it would be faster to ride on the dirt shoulder than on the road itself.

Somewhere — in the middle of nowhere — a potential catastrophe happened. As the drivers rounded a sharp curve, they lost control of the truck which then slid over onto its side. After the men managed to wiggle their way out through a window, they set about unloading all the boxes of food. They then labored to set the lightened truck upright again. All the boxes were now piled up on each other by the side of the road. After many hours of painstaking work, they managed to set the truck upright again and to reload.

Hours later, the exhausted driver and his helpers pulled into our compound. Since it was  now late at night, our son, John, was the only one available to help put all the boxes into the depot. Needless to say, he got a workout! The weary travelers hunkered down in our yard for the night and made their way back to Archaie at daybreak.

In case you don’t know why this is a sure sign of God’s grace, here are several worst-case scenarios of what could have taken place, but thankfully, didn’t.

#1 There is a saying in Haiti. You’re never alone in Haiti. In the remotest parts of the country, someone is always close by. We am amazed that no one came by and simply walked off with the food boxes.

#2 The drivers could have been held up by thieves. Both the truck and all the boxes could have been stolen.

#3 A gang could have appeared with weapons, killed the drivers, and stolen all the goods.

#4 We would have been devastated if any of these things had happened. We know how very generous our donors are and their dedication to feed hungry children. Everyone involved in making this dream come true for our children would have suffered a tremendous loss.

#5 The children in our three schools would not have received hot, nutritious meals five days a week and we would have lost three month’s worth of food.

We do not take lightly the believers who partner with us and who pray for Rehoboth Ministries on a regular basis. Please continue to pray for all those who are working together to assure that our schoolchildren get the nourishment they need. Only because others care for and partner with us are we able to pull this off. We are the only large school in the north of Haiti at present which serves a hot meal five days a week.

Free Book Offer – Soul Bare!

M514t1jqes4lany, many moons ago we were teachers of an English-speaking  Christian day school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The school was comprised of English-speaking missionary kids as well as Haitian children who were proficient in English. This was during the mid 1980’s under the regime of the late Jean-Claude (Baby Doc) Duvalier and his infamous Tonton Macoutes.

I (Dana) was the administrator of the elementary section  of this school and had the  most delightful student. She was a hard worker and loved learning. Her freckled face and snaggle-toothed smile melted my heart. Lindsey was the model student – the type every teacher loves to have and an absolute delight to teach. Her parents are good friends of ours to this day and are still laboring in Haiti as missionaries after over 40 years on the mission field. You can read their story here.

Little Lindsey is all grown up now. She has contributed a chapter to the book soul bare and we couldn’t be more proud of her. We are excited to be able to offer a copy of this book to you. Read about her heart-touching testimony and draw strength from her deep faith in the Lord as well as from the other contributors who bare their souls so that others can find healing.

Rehoboth Ministries is offering a FREE book to the first person who can write on our Rehoboth web page what you like most about our website. Please post on the main page so that everyone else can read your comment. Also, check out Lindsey’s blog site here. As the mother of three children who grappled through many hardships while growing up in  troubled Haiti, I greatly appreciate Lindsey’s honesty and willingness to share her own struggles with us.

School’s In and Other News!

Now’s the time!


A student at our school in Petite-Anse

Our three elementary schools are back in full swing and our feeding program will start up next week. If you ever wanted to get involved,  now’s the time! While major donors, Orphans Promise  and Lifeline Ministry graciously work together to provide protein-packed food to our students, Rehoboth Ministries also bears the expense of paying cooks’ salaries, purchasing huge gas tanks, cooking pots and utensils, oil, spices, vegetables for the provided food, cleaning products – well, you get the idea! We already have close to 1,000 students in all three schools and are expecting more in October.

Go to the headers at the top of the page which is on the rehobothhaiti.com site and click on How You Can Help. All the information is provided there as to how you can send support to help us in this great endeavor. Or, if your church is already partnering with Rehoboth, you can give through them, but earmark your check Haiti/Feeding Program. Even better: Don’t like all the fuss? On rehobothhaiti.com you can use the DONATE button to give online. Your gift goes directly to thelordstable.org site where you can click on GIVE and scroll down to find our pictures.

10922799_813352305369027_4605804279140454520_nLadies’ Prayer Meeting – Northwood Temple Church

I (Dana) had a wonderful time sharing with the ladies’ prayer group at Northwood Temple Church in Fayetteville, NC. We had a powerful time in the Lord and I was so privileged to be able to share the Word and pray with them as they have prayed for Prit and me so many times. Prit’s mom was a key member of this group before she went home to be with the Lord. Thank you Betty Price and all the other wonderful ladies that we are so privileged to know.


Leaving Soon!

Prit and I have one more week left in North Carolina. Next Friday, we fly to Portland, Oregon, for our annual MFI Conference. After the conference, we will fly all day back to Miami and then on into Haiti. Normally, we are back in Haiti by now, but wanted to be good stewards of our funds and save on airfare. Therefore, we elected to return after the conference. We covet your prayers for every detail of our trip. We are so animated-aeroplane-image-0030thankful for all the friends and supporters that we have had the opportunity to see. We are also thankful for my sister’s generosity in providing her home in Jacksonville, NC, where we have stayed when we were not on the road traveling. Thank you, Mary Ann!

We have a never-ending list that needs to be checked off before we leave. Pray that we can operate from a place of calm instead of from a place of busyness. We appreciate your prayers and partnership so much!