Tutoring, Prayers for Haiti, & Mother’s Day

IMG_2351.JPGThe year’s winding down quickly. Yesterday was my last day tutoring Dane and today was my last day with Dominique. They have been awesome students and I’ve enjoyed working with them so much. It’s been very interesting and enlightening to study American History through the eyes of a Haitian.  It’s also been a challenge to brush up on my own knowledge of history since it’s been many moons ago that I sat in my own classroom to study. In fact, it’s been many years since I was in a classroom of any kind – ever since I homeschooled our own kids. No, I won’t tell you how long ago that was.

Pray for Haiti

Unknown-2Even when we leave Haiti, the ministry is ever on our minds. There is no vacation for our paying of salaries, with the exception of the feeding program. Haiti is and has been in ”crisis mode” for a long time. The prices in the marché and stores continue to rise. $1 Haitian used to equal $1 US. Now,  it takes around 13 Haitian dollars to equal $1 US. Our security guard told us last night that it was announced on the radio that the electric bills and the price of gas will be escalating.  Here are some examples of what we pay for some of the fruit we buy:

3 oranges ($20 H = $1.50 US)

1 medium sized pineapple ($60 H = $4.60 US)

1 tomato ($10 H = .77 cents US)

5-6 limes ($20 H = $1.50 US)

I don’t know what the prices of these items are in the grocery store back home. But, remember that the majority of people here are living hand to mouth. There are no credit cards to use when in a lurch or another alternative for buying food other than what’s available.

At some point, we hope to purchase land and grow our own gardens. This way we can provide for the people here as well as integrate some of the food into the feeding program. We need others’ expertise to help us with that.

Would you pray for our people who are struggling so hard, plus pray that new doors will open for us to be self-sustaining in as many areas as possible? Your prayers have helped us move so many mountains already….

Mother’s Day


We wish all the mothers who read this post a ”Happy Mother’s Day!” Since Haitians celebrate their mothers on the last Sunday in May, we will recognize them at a later date.


Vroom! Vroom!

Unknown-1Recently, we sent out a letter asking some of our supporters if they’d make a one-time $50 (US) gift towards helping us raise money to purchase motorcycles for two students that we are sending to a university far outside of Cap-Haitian. The response was overwhelming and we have already managed to raise $2,100 (US)! This buys two new bikes plus helmets and the needed paperwork to make it all legal. Thanks so much to those who were so responsive and generous. The purchase of these motorcycles will cut the cost for their transportation immensely. We were paying around $60 (US) each week just to get them to the university and back on a tap tap . Yikes!

Just in case you wish you had been tagged, there’s always the opportunity to give…. We still have upcoming school bills, especially for one of our students (Clodain) who will continue studying Agronomy all the way through the month of July. The materials he needs to purchase, plus his courses for June/July will cost $400 (US). Perhaps we can find eight more people who would like to send a $50 gift to help Clodain? If so, you can send a donation (info below) and mark it Haiti/Clodain.

Thanks again for being such wonderful supporters of Rehoboth Ministries.


Tap-Tap: The popular mode of transportation in Haiti involving a diesel pickup with a covered back. It is called a tap-tap due to the sound it makes as it passes by.



Contact Information

Pritchard: pgiba3@gmail.com/ 910 703 3098 / Haiti: 011 509 4160 4096

Dana:        danaptl@gmail.com / 910 916 7229 / Haiti: 011 509  3272 5600

John:        adams.john@gmail.com / 910 581 0390 / Haiti: 011 509 4785 9023

NOTE: Our stateside #’s do not work when we are in Haiti.

Send Checks to: The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC 27532 / (919) 751-8188 or donate online at thelordstable.org. You can also use this link to give –  Haiti – https://pushpay.com/pay/tltglobalmissions/?f%5B0%5D=Haiti

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Changing Lives… Impacting A Nation

10 Signs That We Need A Vacation!

images.jpegWe are beginning to manifest the signs that we are in dire need of a vacation. Although we’ll miss our Haitian family, we definitely need a break! We’ll be flying out the end of May and are looking so forward to being stateside. Here are a few tell-tale signs that a time of rest is in order.


1)   ….my husband mentions several times that he looks forward to strolling through Wal-Mart.
2)   ….the tea bags we ordered didn’t make it in on this week’s flight and we send someone to town to scour the markets to see if there are any boxes for sale. (None available – Argh!!) What’s a southerner to do???
3)   ….you dream that you’re holding your grandson all the while kissing his cheeks and saying, ”Nana’s here, Sam!”
4)   ….you can almost smell the salmon at Ruby Tuesday’s.
5)   ….you dream of going to Belk’s to buy clothes that are not faded.
6)   ….you’d give anything for some Rocky Road ice cream.
7)   ….you look forward to wearing pants everywhere – even to church!
8)   ….you get excited over the idea of riding on smooth roads.
9)   ….you can walk through a mall without someone asking you for money.
10) ….you dream of 24 hr. internet.

Wrapping Up!

Winding Down

We hope everyone had a great Easter. Things are busy as usual here and soon we will be winding down for the year. So many great things have happened, but we must admit that we are ready for some much-needed rest and family time. Sam, our grandson, just celebrated his 4th birthday on Saturday. These are the times which are the most difficult for us and we miss being there to celebrate with our loved ones. Also, we’re happy to announce another one is on the way! Lorelei Edelen is expected to arrive around 2 June. Maybe she’ll hold off until 6 June so that she can share a birthday with me. 🙂

If you would like for us to come visit this summer, now is the time to be setting the date. We’d love to see all of you, but our summer is only so long and we have to plan around family as well. It would be a privilege to come say a big thank you for your most vital support.

Thank you Orphans Promise!

30-KW-DIESEL-GENERATOR-38-KVA-ENCLOSED-WEATHER-PROOF-SOUND-PROOF_2_200x200We are so thankful to Orphans Promise for helping us obtain a generator for our main compound in Petite-Anse. Thanks to their generosity, we are now working quickly to hook the generator up to the water treatment system that was donated by Mercy Chefs, Inc.

Once we are able to hook up the electricity from the generator to the treatment system, we can start pumping pure water into our compound. 1) This will provide clean water for our staff and students. 2) It will also enable us to provide clean water at a minimum price to the surrounding neighborhood of Petite-Anse. This area alone has a population of several thousand.

*Selling our own water will enable us to create a source of revenue for the main compound, thereby opening the avenue to provide salaries to workers who, beforehand, were dependent on outside support. 

NOTE: If we can get this up and running quickly, the summer months will be the time frame in which the most water is sold. Please pray that everything will go smoothly and be up and running before we leave on 29 May. Also, if you would like to help with this project, you can send a check or make a donation online for Haiti/Water Project. The information is below. Thanks!

Saying Goodbye


A great man of God and also a dear friend passed through the immortal veil and into the arms of Jesus this week. Rev. Dick Iverson was the main speaker for our last Bible School graduation. We are so grateful that he and his wife, Roxy, were able to join us before he left this earth. Pastor Iverson was the founder of Bible Temple (today called City Bible Church in Portland, Oregon), as well as Portland Bible College. ”Bro. Dick” also founded Ministers Fellowship International of which we are members. He became a spiritual father to many pastors all over the world and was active in visiting and encouraging their ministries almost up to the time of his departure.

Our sincere prayers are with his wife, Roxy, and the whole Iverson family at this time. May the Lord comfort you in the way only He can.


Contact Information

Pritchard: pgiba3@gmail.com/ 910 703 3098 / Haiti: 011 509 4160 4096

Dana:        danaptl@gmail.com / 910 916 7229 / Haiti: 011 509  3272 5600

John:        adams.john@gmail.com / 910 581 0390 / Haiti: 011 509 4785 9023

NOTE: Our stateside #’s do not work when we are in Haiti.

Send Checks to: The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC 27532 / (919) 751-8188 or donate online at thelordstable.org. You can also use this link to give –  Haiti – https://pushpay.com/pay/tltglobalmissions/?f%5B0%5D=Haiti

** Please earmark your gifts HAITI









Special Easter Sunday Service

Yesterday, we had an incredible Easter Sunday service with many special visitors attending. Evangelist Joel Trimble preached a great message entitled ‘Who will roll away the stone?” Joel has been in Haiti since 1975. He later married his wife, Yvonne, and she came back with him to Haiti shortly thereafter. They have made great inroads in the area of evangelism and no place has been too dark for them to bring the light of the Gospel. After many years of overseeing a church and other evangelistic efforts, the Lord launched them in an entirely different direction. They took a bold step of faith to start their own tv station called La Bonne Nouvelle (The Good News). Joel and Yvonne travel all over Haiti so their viewers can see the beautiful side of this island and the Haitian people firsthand. They interview folks from all backgrounds — from business people, to artisans, the Minister of Tourism, and factory workers on to simple workers in their own daily activities. If you want to see Haiti firsthand, you must check out their site. The program is in Haitian Creole, but easy to follow. Interestingly, Joel interviewed a banana farmer several years ago during the very beginning phases of his work. This farmer has greatly prospered and began to export organic bananas. He also later threw his hat into the ring to run for President of Haiti and won! President Jovenel Moïse has remained friends with Joel and today Joel serves as a special counselor to him in Port-au-Prince.

We were thrilled also to have Nathan Lasseur with us as well. Nathan was one of our students in Port-au-Prince in the early eighties and yesterday was the first time we have seen him since 1986. He then returned stateside and we moved to the north of Haiti in 1988. Nathan shared his personal testimony yesterday and then promised to return with his wife, Gina, who is a well-known singer in Haiti. Today, they reside in Florida. Nathan is a fireman in Florida and was here working with one of the local hospitals. What a wonderful reunion! We are so proud of who he has become! 

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It Takes So Little To Please Them

20180325_161043.jpgThe Sunday school class at Pastor Lefort’s church here in Sainte-Philomène received candy canes that a recent team left behind. They were thrilled to get a treat. It’s amazing how little it takes to make them happy.

Good Friday

Speaking of being thankful, today is Good Friday! It’s a good day for just sitting and reflecting. Everything we are and everything we do revolves around the sacrifice that was made for our sins in order to purchase our salvation. I am reading The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. I highly recommend this book to give you an even greater appreciation for Jesus’ sacrifice and to better understand  the authenticity of the New Testament writings. Get ready though! It will only whet your appetite to want to dig deeper and there’s a wealth of information that can be attained by further study of other books mentioned in Strobel’s book. Great read!

Recuperated, Refreshed,& Revived

500691342-sick-cartoon-imagesIt has now been around three weeks since a sickness pummeled me and left me flat on my back. Many of our Haitian friends were sick too. Virus. Epidemic. Malady. Satanic attack. These were many of the words that came to my mind during this trial. The only way I can describe how I felt is that I had been hit by a steam roller, a freight train, and a Mack truck all rolled into one. Congestion, coughing (hacking’s a better word), neck and head pain, and an earache were but a few of the symptoms. Yet, the heavy weight of fatigue was the worst. It enveloped me like a thick blanket and sapped me of all my energy.  At times, I wondered if I would ever feel even semi-normal again.

 Well, the good news is that I was wide awake at 5:30 this morning and feeling energetic. (I am not normally an early riser!) I began to pray, then Prit came to join me. We prayed for many of you who are suffering as well, among other things. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful I feel! When accomplishing the most mundane tasks wore me out, today I feel alive again! I’m so thankful for His touch! My heart is even more in tune now with those who are suffering – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have been praying for me. I am truly indebted to you! Please don’t hesitate to let us know that you need prayer. One of our goals in the near future is to have a room set aside in Petite Anse just for prayer – prayer for the sick, prayer for deliverance of all kinds, prayer for the nation of Haiti and all nations, prayers for Rehoboth Ministries, and especially prayer for our supporters who are the backbone behind this great work.

1Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. 2Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me. 3He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. 4He redeems me from death and crowns me with love and tender mercies. 5He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s! Psalm 103:1-5