36 years later!

unknown-1Tomorrow, we will be in an early-morning committee meeting, so I thought I’d write this update now. As of tomorrow, 10 January, we will have been in Haiti for 36 years. I will never forget the first time I descended the steps of Eastern Airlines (which doesn’t exist anymore) and seeing the infamous Tonton Macoutes all lined up in a row just below me. They were Duvalier’s henchmen and we would eventually hear horror stories of atrocities they committed in the night – of people who mysteriously disappeared. You couldn’t see their eyes for their dark sunglasses, but their very presence evoked a sense of evil.  They all wore blue jean uniforms and held Uzzi submachine guns. The smells of Port-au-Prince instantly hit me and I wondered what this young, naive wife was doing in a place like this.

Since that day, we have been down many roads in Haiti, some treacherous, but most of them joyful. Through it all, he has been our Ebenezer. Isn’t it fitting that we would be surrounded by the young leaders who were  trained up in the churches we founded to celebrate this occasion with us?

We thank the Lord for his faithfulness to us and ask for more strength to serve him, more wisdom to lead,  and more tenacity to never give up in the years to come. We would covet your prayers as well!

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We Made It Home!


                                       New Year’s Eve in the Dominican Republic

The last time I wrote a post, we were sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport waiting to board Jet Blue. We made it safe and sound to Santiago, but our three-hour delay caused us to miss the bus for Cap-Haitian. However, our wonderful friends, Jim and Teresa White, met us at the airport and took us home with them. They live an hour outside of Santiago and the road there was much like the roads in Haiti. We finally arrived and were so happy to spend precious time with lifelong friends and to see the work they are doing there. Because they live so far out, they were able to get acres and acres of land for a really good price and they took us around their huge property showing us the house Jim built, the huge shop for his woodworking, and the guest quarters upstairs. There are plans for a future discipleship school as well. Our hearts were warmed to see how greatly the Lord is using them, even though they are sorely missed here in Haiti. Much of our friends have moved back home or on to other mission fields and we feel their loss here in this vineyard. Never would we have guessed that we would wake up on New Year’s Day in the Dominican Republic! I went to sleep listening to fireworks and shooting somewhere far off, but I was too tired to celebrate. It felt wonderful to stretch out in a comfortable bed.



Jim & Teresa White of Sharing the Vision, Inc

After being dropped off at the bus station the next morning, we settled onto the bus and arrived to Cap-Haitian late that afternoon. We were so happy to see our little mission house which still needs so much work. But, that didn’t matter! All we cared about was finally being back home where we knew where everything was. So, having said all that, we will never forget our travels during the New Year season! Happy New Year everyone. May you have your best year ever! Thanks Jim & Teresa for the incredible time we had together.

Happy New Year – in advance!

UnknownHere we are, once again, sitting at the airport for a three-hour wait until we board Jet Blue to travel to Santiago. Our original flight for 8:45 has now been moved to 10:24. At least this time, we’re sitting down instead of shifting our weight from foot to foot like yesterday, and then to be informed that Spirit overbooked. I’m thinking I should be sharing lofty thoughts as 2018 prepares to pass the torch to 2019, but the lack of sleep only has me wishing I could just get home to Haiti and stretch out in my own bed. There are blessings to count, however! Bobby, our Airbnb host gladly welcomed us back for another night even though he had to get the house ready for another couple coming in today. If we arrive too late to catch the bus later from Santiago to Cap-Haitian, we have missionary friends who are ready and willing to put us up. So…..things could be much worse! We have had a wonderful time here in Ft. Lauderdale and are more than thankful to the partnering church which made it possible. If you need info. on staying at a great Airbnb that’s close to the city and the beach, we can certainly recommend a great place.

Since we’re not sure where we will be when the new year rolls in, we’ll wish all of you a Happy New Year now and pray 2019 will be a year of fulfilled hopes and dreams for you. May you sense the Lord’s abiding presence leading you all along the way. 

Thank you to all our wonderful partners for making many dreams come true this past year!

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Another Way Home!

49564078_10161475308550045_8249646862873657344_nUp by 5:00 this morning, we hurriedly got ready and made our way to the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Turning in the rented car, then giving Gabe one last hug, we made our way to Spirit Airlines for the flight back home. Seeing several lines that had no distinct order whatsoever should have been a ”heads up” of what was to come. We stood on our feet for over 3 hours and barely inched our way to the counter, only to find that Spirit had overbooked and the tickets we bought weeks ago would be made good on Tuesday. We had already turned in the car and checked out of the Airbnb we stayed in. So much for the early bird getting the worm!

Prit, John, and I walked over to the American Airlines counter to find out what would be the second best choice of getting back to Cap. Weighing the costs and difficulty of our return, we finally decided to fly to Santiago, Dominican Republic, tomorrow and take a 5-hour bus ride back to Cap-Haitian. (Not exactly how I wanted to return home!) We got our Spirit refund and are preparing for another adventure! Delays and mix-ups are par for the course for travelers of any kind, but even more so for missionaries.

Would you pray for our return flight and bus ride? We should pull into Cap somewhere between 4:00 and 5:00 tomorrow evening. We’ve had a wonderful week of fun and just being stateside is restorative in itself where everything functions normally. Thankfully, the host of our Airbnb welcomed us back for one more night. Pray for all the other travelers who just wanted to make it back to Cap to see their loved ones for a few days.

A Poem from Agape Flights

This came in an e-mail from Agape Flights, the mail service that brings mail and boxes to us once a week. We are so grateful for their longstanding service to the missionaries here on the field in Haiti.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. We’re so grateful for all those at Agape who so cheerfully do their jobs. They were here before we landing almost 36 years ago!

Dear missionaries,

Twas the flight before Christmas
And lined up in a “train”
Sat cargo on carts
The last load for the plane.

The boxes were weighed,
The mail bundled and bagged.
In just a few days
Great fun was to be had.

Christmas cards from dear friends
Wrapped presents from family.
Toys ordered from Amazon
Target, Walmart and JCPenny.

For Agape it’s a privilege
To transport with great care
The special things from your loved ones
Who are here while you’re there.

So from our hearts to yours,
As you serve the nations,
May the gift of God’s Love
Be the key to your celebrations.

Wishing each of you a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!

A Sense of Normality


Traffic Jam in Haiti

After over a week of chaos in Haiti, things are finally beginning to show a sense of normality again. We had wondered when the roadblocks, riots, and strikes would ever end? It has been refreshing to hear the sound of vehicles passing outside our gate knowing that we can once again leave our compound without fear. Businesses, schools, and markets are all open again as well. The attempt to oust President Jovenel Moïse appears to have fallen by the wayside, at least for now.

Yesterday, Prit and I were returning home on “L” Street. ”L” Street is one of the main arteries in Cap-Haitian. The traffic was very heavy and it seemed to take forever and a day to get home. There’s no way to describe traffic in Haiti.  It’s like navigating a minefield. One must inch along with all the other vehicles and motorcycles. Then there are the pedestrians racing across the street to avoid getting hit.  There is no rule of law when it comes to driving in Haiti. It’s all defensive driving and it’s usually done at a snail’s pace. Motorcycles can turn into your lane at any moment and most of our energy is spent on making sure we don’t hit anyone. It can be exhausting just to go to town and back!

Normally, I would have been quite impatient with it all because it took so long to get home. However, it dawned on me that all these people crowding the street with their motorcycles and vehicles was actually a good sign. Why? Because it meant the city was no longer in crisis mode — at least for the moment. Instead of being bottled up on our compound, we were actually able to get out and go to town. It’s amazing how one’s perspective can change about the “drudgery” of everyday life after going through certain trials.

Please pray the calm will remain. We also ask for your prayers for President Jovenel Moïse. He has inherited a myriad of problems that go back decades — even back to the time when Haiti was a French colony.  Jovenel needs supernatural help to pull this country out of its doldrums and set it back on its feet. Moïse means Moses in the French language. Can we pray that this modern-day Moses can lead his people out of bondage — and into prosperity, much like the Moses of old did? We’ll also pray that the most confusion we’ll experience is that of the madness on ”L” Street.


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#Giving Tuesday

Hi Everyone!

45554234_2283211385087340_8337062744566005760_nI am just now able to post this because I am writing from the Christophe Hotel where there is a good internet signal. Such is life in Haiti! We hope you can help us on this strategic day of giving. If you can, go to the link and give TODAY. The facebook link is below and the PayPal account is at danaptl@gmail.com. We appreciate anything you can do and our kids will thank you! 🙂 

Dana Adams #Giving Tuesday is today- Nov 27! Facebook & PayPal will be matching donations up to $7 Million dollars. If you gift is $5, $50 or $500, your giving could be pivotal today. Will you help? Here’s how to give: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1539498849529726/?fundraiser_source=external_url