60th Wedding Anniversary

Tonight was cause for celebration. Prit and I took P.G. and Lucy Adams (Prit’s parents and my in-laws) out to eat for their 60th wedding anniversary. While their anniversary is actually next Thursday (26 July), Prit and I  will be on the road once again. So, we decided to treat them to dinner before leaving town. Sixty years is quite a milestone, but even more so in this present era.

P.G. and Lucy have definitely been among the most faithful supporters of Rehoboth Ministries over the span of our almost thirty years in Haiti. Lucy has been our secretary treasurer overseeing our account in the States. She has managed to keep the books balanced and pay our bills on this end. It has all been a labor of love, for she has done it all freely. Prit always teases her about raising her salary to which she always replies, ”Yeah, 0 + 0 is still 0!  She and P.G. have packed and shipped hundreds of boxes to Haiti over the years and everyone at FedEx recognizes the Adamses when they come in and know why they’re there.

Prit’s folks have given royally of their own means to fund Rehoboth and no one could ask for more devoted supporters. Above all, they have labored in prayer and fastings, all the while imploring God to undertake for us on the mission field through more trials than we can name.

We are proud of the example P.G. and Lucy have set for us. They have raised the bar high and are leaving a legacy for our whole family to follow. We take this opportunity to salute them. Happy 60th Anniversary and many more!

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