Through the Roof

Renovations are underway on the smaller of two mission houses on our compound in Ste.-Philomène, Haiti. (See photos below) For the larger mission house, our crew was able to replace the pipes, lay tile in the bathroom and one of the bedrooms, as well as paint both rooms. These pictures were shown in an earlier post (Mission House: “After Pictures”) There is still work to be done that includes further tiling and painting. However, we have turned our attention to the smaller house in order to get it to the point where we can receive the medical team that’s coming down from Fayetteville, North Carolina, in October. Our crew is in the process of replacing the pipes here as well and the next step will be replacing the roof. As you can see in the picture, one can literally see through the roof to the open sky!

We’d like to heartily thank Pastor Rollie Simmons of Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington, for sending $1,000 to help us replace the roof. Afterwards, we hope to continue with the rest of the work to make our team’s stay as comfortable as possible, as well as host future teams that come down. We have been very blessed to have inherited this compound with all these buildings. Our Bible institute and third church plant/school are here as well as the two mission houses. The houses were in tremendous need of repair, however.

Would you like to contribute to this work and help us get the whole project done before the next team comes? To complete the work for the bathroom and the two bedrooms, it will cost a total of $1,562. This will complete the preparations necessary to make this house livable for our upcoming medical team.

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