Making the News

The Sampson Independent

The Sampson Independent newspaper in Clinton, N.C., has done a full-page article on our work in Haiti. This is very special to me (Dana) since Clinton is my hometown. We would like to thank staff writer Billy Todd for sharing about Rehoboth Ministries so more people can learn about where our labors have been for almost thirty years.  Thanks also to my sister, Sarah Blue, for sharing with Billy about our work!

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Sunday at the Rock!

This past Sunday, we were guests at Rock Church of Tarboro, N.C. Our time here is always special because Rock is our home church. We were commissioned there and sent out to Haiti from there almost 30 years ago. Pastors Mike and Mary Chatt have done a wonderful job since taking over a few years ago; every time we return, there is evidence of new fruit being borne. It was great seeing new faces this time around as well as those we’ve known from long ago. Going back to Tarboro is like going home and it’s easy to fall into the same rhythm of laughter and conversations that never end, but just get put “on hold” until next time.

Prit and I had a great time sharing testimonies of God’s faithfulness and prayed for everything from illnesses to asking God to help prosper businesses in a town that has seen a gradual economic decline. What a joy it was to minister God’s grace to the believers there and be refreshed in the presence of the Lord and his saints. These photos should reveal the great time we had together.

Thank you, Rock Church, for your partnership with Rehoboth Ministries!

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60th Wedding Anniversary

Tonight was cause for celebration. Prit and I took P.G. and Lucy Adams (Prit’s parents and my in-laws) out to eat for their 60th wedding anniversary. While their anniversary is actually next Thursday (26 July), Prit and I  will be on the road once again. So, we decided to treat them to dinner before leaving town. Sixty years is quite a milestone, but even more so in this present era.

P.G. and Lucy have definitely been among the most faithful supporters of Rehoboth Ministries over the span of our almost thirty years in Haiti. Lucy has been our secretary treasurer overseeing our account in the States. She has managed to keep the books balanced and pay our bills on this end. It has all been a labor of love, for she has done it all freely. Prit always teases her about raising her salary to which she always replies, ”Yeah, 0 + 0 is still 0!  She and P.G. have packed and shipped hundreds of boxes to Haiti over the years and everyone at FedEx recognizes the Adamses when they come in and know why they’re there.

Prit’s folks have given royally of their own means to fund Rehoboth and no one could ask for more devoted supporters. Above all, they have labored in prayer and fastings, all the while imploring God to undertake for us on the mission field through more trials than we can name.

We are proud of the example P.G. and Lucy have set for us. They have raised the bar high and are leaving a legacy for our whole family to follow. We take this opportunity to salute them. Happy 60th Anniversary and many more!

Angels in Disguise

She has chosen to remain anonymous and give all the glory to God. Even if anonymously, though, we would like to honor a dear friend who was deeply moved by a post written about the death of a beloved sister in our church (“I’ll See You in Heaven” – March 25, 2012). Madame Enock Massillon had traveled out to the countryside to visit her ailing father. It was just going to be a quick visit since she had to get back to Cap-Haitien. School was going to be starting soon and she had a new job as a cook for our main school which fed 900 students, staff, and cooks last year. She was very excited to have the chance to bring this much-needed, additional income to her family. After her visit to the country, however, she never made it home. A speeding bus violently rammed into the little truck she was riding in, instantly killing her and all the other passengers.

Our anonymous friend was deeply moved by this sad ordeal, plus the fact that the family  would also suffer from losing Sister Enock’s salary. She took it upon herself to send a $50 check every month for a year to help the family during their time of indescribable hardship. A letter of profound thanks was sent to Anonymous along with a picture of the Massillons’. A heartfelt letter was written to them in return. The checks are still coming regularly every month and we send them on to Brother Enock.

While her reward is in Heaven, we wanted to share Anonymous’ story with you, our readers. We have witnessed a beautiful demonstration of Christlike love to a heartbroken family, giving them dignity during their distress and providing an example of how someone can leave their comfort zone to enrich the lives of people from another culture. She only agreed to the writing of this post if we’d leave out her name. Therefore, we give our heartfelt thanks to a woman that blessed another woman she never knew by reaching out to those which were most dear to her heart — her family.

Through the Roof

Renovations are underway on the smaller of two mission houses on our compound in Ste.-Philomène, Haiti. (See photos below) For the larger mission house, our crew was able to replace the pipes, lay tile in the bathroom and one of the bedrooms, as well as paint both rooms. These pictures were shown in an earlier post (Mission House: “After Pictures”) There is still work to be done that includes further tiling and painting. However, we have turned our attention to the smaller house in order to get it to the point where we can receive the medical team that’s coming down from Fayetteville, North Carolina, in October. Our crew is in the process of replacing the pipes here as well and the next step will be replacing the roof. As you can see in the picture, one can literally see through the roof to the open sky!

We’d like to heartily thank Pastor Rollie Simmons of Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington, for sending $1,000 to help us replace the roof. Afterwards, we hope to continue with the rest of the work to make our team’s stay as comfortable as possible, as well as host future teams that come down. We have been very blessed to have inherited this compound with all these buildings. Our Bible institute and third church plant/school are here as well as the two mission houses. The houses were in tremendous need of repair, however.

Would you like to contribute to this work and help us get the whole project done before the next team comes? To complete the work for the bathroom and the two bedrooms, it will cost a total of $1,562. This will complete the preparations necessary to make this house livable for our upcoming medical team.

Moncure Baptist Church: A Healing Place for Many

Sunday morning, we ministered at one of our supporting churches in Moncure, North Carolina. It was great to see two of our longtime friends, Pastor Matt and Becky Garrett. Matt and Becky were members of our home church (Rock Church of Tarboro, N.C.) over thirty years ago. It was at Rock that Prit and I were commissioned to go to Haiti as missionaries.  Although the years have led us in separate directions, we have remained close friends with the Garretts and always look forward to our reunions.

Moncure Baptist Church had their commissioning service Sunday and we were delighted to be a part of it. They prayed for seven young people who were preparing to go on a mission trip to Elizabethtown, N.C. They will be working there with children’s Bible clubs, doing minor construction work and various other activities, and sharing their faith. Future trips will take mission groups to Kentucky to minister to the poorest of that state and also to Pennsylvania. Moncure isn’t stopping there, however. The church’s members have a global perspective and are strategizing to make an impact beyond their borders. Matt shared with us his passion for their church’s goal to contact an unreached tribe in the jungles of Colombia by partnering with a missionary who has lived in that country for many years. Our hearts were moved as we listened, knowing that this is something near and dear to his heart. In fact, the Garretts already have a large stake in the nation of Colombia. Their only daughter, Emily, has been serving as a missionary in Bogotá for several years.

Interestingly, Moncure is a French phrase that means “My Cure.” It would seem that this church is, in a sense, becoming a place from which healing comes as they take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the lost. We salute Moncure Baptist Church for their role in fulfilling the Great Commission!

Prayer Breakfast at Northwood Temple

Over 120 people gathered together for a prayer breakfast held at Northwood Temple Church (Fayetteville, NC) on Saturday morning. Prit and I were invited to share testimonies of healing that we have seen take place on and off the mission field over the span of almost 30 years. In a nutshell, we shared the highlights of the miracle God gave us in 2010 by bringing Prit out of a 26-day coma, then restoring his damaged brain to normality. We also shared other stories such as that of a church member of our our second church plant in the countryside who had a kidney obstruction. Madame Gerald had been in tremendous pain for several days and suffered greatly due to the inability to urinate. After listening to the testimony about Prit’s crisis and coming forward for prayer, she returned to her seat. Looking down at her dress, she was astonished to see that her dress was soaked. God had healed her on the spot!

Afterwards, we joined together with Pastor John Hedgepeth and ministered to many people that had various needs. One friend was healed of a chronic cough after suffering with it for ten months. She had been to several doctors and had still found no relief. We’re looking forward to hearing more feedback as time goes on!

Northwood Temple has been supporting Rehoboth Ministries for several years and is sending a medical team down to Haiti in October. We are truly grateful for their partnership. It was wonderful to be able to give back to them and minister to those that were afflicted, as well as many visitors from outside of the church.

Max Is Back, Jack!

Hey, everyone, Max is back! Who is Max, you ask? Why, Max is our status update dog!

Last year, Rehoboth Ministries managed to feed over 1,250 students, teachers, and cooks a hot meal two days a week for an entire school year. Max was our “go to” dog for providing us with consistent updates until we finally met our yearly goal. Many of you joyfully participated with us by sowing generously until Max ecstatically informed us that the money had been raised. We could never have done it without your help!

It’s that time again and now we’re launching the feeding program again for 2012-2013.  As of October, by faith, we will be serving up hot meals once again for students, staff, and cooks for all three schools. Our goal for this year is approximately $36,000.

We’re off to a great start! We already have $5,700 in the feeding program account, which means that our goal has been whittled down to a little over $30,000!

Can you help us? It costs just 40 cents a meal to feed a hungry child. Perhaps you’d like to make a commitment to feed one child for the entire school year ($28.80), or even two! Or, if you’re a church, maybe you’d like to help shoulder the burden of paying for one month’s supply of meals which costs about $4,000. You can make a difference, not to mention making Max the happiest dog on planet earth!

Ministering at Enon Chapel

As I type this post, we are making our way along I-40 West from Jacksonville to Fayetteville. The sky is a blanket of dark blue and we’ve just heard of storm warnings on the radio that are headed straight for our destination — Cumberland County. Much of my work on my laptop is done while making these long treks from town to town. Somehow, if I can divert my attention to attending to tasks that can be done on the road, i.e, catching up on e-mails, writing posts, reading, and such, the grey ribbon that stretches out before us magically disappears. I can imagine in my mind’s eye a slight smile forming on the faces of longtime truck drivers that can traverse a state in a day without thinking twice. I realize that a three-hour trip is not really that far, but I’m just not too fond of sitting in an upright position for hours at a time. Ah! Did we just pass a sign back there letting us know that Fayetteville is only 31 miles up the road? Yes, we did!

Prit and I had a wonderful time ministering at Enon Chapel on Sunday. Pastor James Kelley and his wife, Becky, are pastors of the highest caliber, and Enon has supported our work in Haiti for several years. Their motto is “Touching Lives…Making Disciples!” Since they are sowing into our ministry, they are also sharing in our reward. Together, we are making disciples in Haiti!

Enon is situated in the heart of Marine country. The church is a welcome oasis to returning warriors from the field, as well as a strength to those that have to stay behind. Thank you Enon Chapel for being partners with Rehoboth Ministries. We salute you!

As I’m finishing up this post, the blanket of blue has given way to a heavy downpour, yet we have reached the last stretch of our trip. In another twenty minutes, we will be home. We are thankful for having had the opportunity, to once again, minister to God’s people.

With a Little Help from Our Friends

Thank you Faith Temple in Alexander City, AL, (Pastor Dick & Sandra Stark), for your recent gift of $500 to help with the mission house repairs! The work needs to continue in order to get both houses (a large one and a smaller house) ready to receive a medical team that’s coming down in October 2012.

Rehoboth Ministries was very blessed to receive the gift of this compound in Sainte-Philomène (a suburb of Cap-Haitien) several years ago, but the buildings were in dire need of repairs. The smaller house has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a small kitchen, and den area. We would like to, at the very least, have the bedrooms and bathroom ready for our visitors. This means the replacement of pipes, laying down of tile, painting, as well as installing ceiling fans.

Any help from you, our friends, would be so appreciated! We will have an estimation and “before” pictures soon for the smaller house for those of you that would like to help. Your offerings will also provide much-needed work for our crew that is doing such a beautiful job!