Ministering at Enon Chapel

As I type this post, we are making our way along I-40 West from Jacksonville to Fayetteville. The sky is a blanket of dark blue and we’ve just heard of storm warnings on the radio that are headed straight for our destination — Cumberland County. Much of my work on my laptop is done while making these long treks from town to town. Somehow, if I can divert my attention to attending to tasks that can be done on the road, i.e, catching up on e-mails, writing posts, reading, and such, the grey ribbon that stretches out before us magically disappears. I can imagine in my mind’s eye a slight smile forming on the faces of longtime truck drivers that can traverse a state in a day without thinking twice. I realize that a three-hour trip is not really that far, but I’m just not too fond of sitting in an upright position for hours at a time. Ah! Did we just pass a sign back there letting us know that Fayetteville is only 31 miles up the road? Yes, we did!

Prit and I had a wonderful time ministering at Enon Chapel on Sunday. Pastor James Kelley and his wife, Becky, are pastors of the highest caliber, and Enon has supported our work in Haiti for several years. Their motto is “Touching Lives…Making Disciples!” Since they are sowing into our ministry, they are also sharing in our reward. Together, we are making disciples in Haiti!

Enon is situated in the heart of Marine country. The church is a welcome oasis to returning warriors from the field, as well as a strength to those that have to stay behind. Thank you Enon Chapel for being partners with Rehoboth Ministries. We salute you!

As I’m finishing up this post, the blanket of blue has given way to a heavy downpour, yet we have reached the last stretch of our trip. In another twenty minutes, we will be home. We are thankful for having had the opportunity, to once again, minister to God’s people.

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