Max Is Back, Jack!

Hey, everyone, Max is back! Who is Max, you ask? Why, Max is our status update dog!

Last year, Rehoboth Ministries managed to feed over 1,250 students, teachers, and cooks a hot meal two days a week for an entire school year. Max was our “go to” dog for providing us with consistent updates until we finally met our yearly goal. Many of you joyfully participated with us by sowing generously until Max ecstatically informed us that the money had been raised. We could never have done it without your help!

It’s that time again and now we’re launching the feeding program again for 2012-2013.  As of October, by faith, we will be serving up hot meals once again for students, staff, and cooks for all three schools. Our goal for this year is approximately $36,000.

We’re off to a great start! We already have $5,700 in the feeding program account, which means that our goal has been whittled down to a little over $30,000!

Can you help us? It costs just 40 cents a meal to feed a hungry child. Perhaps you’d like to make a commitment to feed one child for the entire school year ($28.80), or even two! Or, if you’re a church, maybe you’d like to help shoulder the burden of paying for one month’s supply of meals which costs about $4,000. You can make a difference, not to mention making Max the happiest dog on planet earth!

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