Providing the Spark for Small Businesses

We have been helping people get small businesses started largely by selling Haitian paintings, jewelry, etc. when we return to the U.S.  We take the profits to help give someone here a “hand up” when they’re not able to help themselves.

Meet Girard Moise. Girard has been a faithful member in our church for many years. Every time we’ve needed a paint job done, we have called on Girard who is extremely capable and always does a great job for us. We recently purchased a paint compressor for him with the hopes of helping him launch his own business. This compressor will enable him to do large jobs quickly. Girard is extremely thankful for this opportunity to provide for his family. We are so excited to be able to help our brother out in this way and ask your prayers for many jobs to open up to him.

Valentine’s Day Candy

Jim Jackson of Northwood Temple (Fayetteville, NC)

The Valentine candy has arrived and it was all intact! Even though the workers in customs helped themselves to a few boxes and then declared there was no charge for their entrance, we are ready to make some folks very happy!

Thank you Brother Jim Jackson for buying a great quantity of the chocolates and for paying for the freight!

The Fruits of Our Labor

This precious group of children from Pastor Dieudonné’s church out in the countryside just did not want to go home on Thursday! After their exams were long over and they had already had their meal for the day, they gathered around us to sing, pray, laugh, recite Bible verses and answer questions. They drank in the attention from us and our team and were more than willing to show us what they had learned in school. Pastor Dieudonné and his wife, Edith, are doing a tremendous job of changing lives in Belle-Hotêsse, Haiti!

The Father’s Favor

L to R: Joselyne Sévère, Giulio Mazzella, Marjolaine Sheldrick, Robert Gadbois

There are times in our lives when special things happen unexpectedly. Some people call them “God Moments.” I like to call them “The Father’s Favor.” Today we received the “Father’s Favor” as we took our team to the beach for one last outing before returning to Montreal tomorrow. Our plan was to take them to Cormier Plage. Cormier is a beautiful beach where one can swim and dine.

First, though, we decided to drive to Labadee Beach which is just beyond Cormier, just to let the team view the beach from the lookout point. Labadee is Haiti’s hidden treasure where cruise ships from Florida pull in several times a week. Each ship brings with it 6,000 passengers, and over 300 workers receive them as they come off the boat. Many of those workers are security guards — no one comes into Labadee or goes out without passing inspection.  It is a very high security area. Years ago when our children were little, they had the whole beach to themselves. That is an era long past and chock full of memories for us. Since the tourist ships started coming, it was turned into a private beach.

Imagine our surprise, then, when we were told that for $20 apiece, we could come in, spend the day, swim, and eat all we wanted from the food that is carried on shore from the ship! I am sitting here at a picnic table writing this post and thanking the Father for His favor upon His children. A Haitian band is playing, the sun is shining, and it’s a gorgeous day for the beach. Our visitors will have much to share when they return to the cold climate of Montreal tomorrow!

I’ll See You in Heaven

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post concerning our dear sister in the Lord, Madame Enock Massillon. She had gone into the countryside to visit her ailing mother and tragically was involved in an accident while on her way back to Cap-Haitian. All sixteen passengers that were on her bus were killed as a result of being rammed into by another truck. The driver of the truck fled the scene. This was a terrible blow to the Massillon family as well as to our church family. Upon our return to Haiti, we have found ourselves missing her sweet smile and pleasant disposition.

Since our return, we learned that Sister Enock’s son, Kevin, who is only around eight years old, was sobbing and inconsolable about the loss of his mother. He claims that his mother appeared to him in a vision and told him not to cry and that she would see him in Heaven one day. His mother’s face was so bright, he said, that he could not look directly at her. This has provided some much-needed consolation to the rest of the family. We ask you to please continue to remember this precious family in your prayers.

Divine Healing

Madame Gérard Mondestin is a cook for the school in Belle-Hôtesse. She shared with me today that she had been healed during the church service when I gave the testimony concerning Prit’s healing.  Her bladder wasn’t functioning properly and she had trouble urinating. She was also in a lot of pain. When we prayed over her, she returned to her seat and realized that all her clothes were wet! She had been instantly healed and has not had any problems since then!

Montréal Missions Team

The team from Montreal has arrived. They have helped distribute food at both our church plants (Ste.-Philomène and Belle-Hotesse). As I type this post, I am inundated with kids! They are fascinated by my laptop and are chattering nonstop! It has been a great week so far and it’s been great having our four visitors with us. Since they speak French, they are “trè alèz” (very at ease) with everyone here.

Thank You!

Five boxes of Valentine candy are packed and ready to go to Haiti! We can’t wait to give out these gifts that will mean so much to those that are just working to put food on the table. There is never any extra money for frills! We say a big ”thank you” to all of you that ran out to the stores and scooped up the rest of the candy that was reduced.

A special thanks to Jim Jackson for buying boxfuls of candy as well as helping to pay the freight to ship the boxes!  Jim is a member of Northwood Temple here in Fayetteville, N.C. He’s the man with the plan!

We would also like to thank Rock Church and Sunset Church of God for the food boxes! We had 7 boxes of food waiting for us when we returned and we are sooooo grateful for the members of these churches and their concern for us. This means we not only didn’t return to find an empty kitchen, but we saved hundreds of dollars we would have spent on food that was badly needed elsewhere. We have some of the best supporters in the world!

The Right Way to Peel an Avocado

There is a proper way to peel an avocado (called zaboka in Creole). Our Haitian cook has been quick to teach me the correct way (as it’s done in the picture below.) Peeling it like an apple, as I have done in the past, eliminates too much of the ”meat” and slicing the avocado several times in this fashion allows one to simply pull off the peeling. Being very conservative, since food is short as it is, it is considered very wasteful to peel it any other way. Believe me, I have felt the  disapproving look too many times! In their season, one can see vendors pushing wheelbarrows down the street that are loaded down with them. But as quickly as the season comes, a few weeks afterward, they are nowhere to be found. So one has to enjoy the Haitian’s supplement for real meat while they’re available. There’s nothing like a plate of rice and beans and a couple slices of avocado!

Welcome Home!

After a very long trip with many delays, we have arrived. Prit’s suitcase was on the plane and was finally retrieved from the airport this morning. Fortunately, everything was intact. The jeep, which had not had any problems, suddenly would not crank when we got ready to drive it home. A few guys that were hanging around the airport gave us a push and it finally started up.

We have returned to find our yard in total chaos. You can see from the pictures below the huge tree that was in one corner of our yard has been chopped down and still has to be chopped up and carried off. The city plans to tear down our wall in order to widen the road in front of us, thus making our space much smaller. Of course, the expense of rebuilding the wall is on us. The satellite dish that was in our yard has been dismantled and is now in our den. (Quite a decorative touch!) Therefore, we are without internet and, oh yes, the electric company came while we were gone to take the breaker. All our electricity now comes from our generator and it’s yet one more thing on the list which has to be taken care of while we’re here.

Having said all that, we have a team coming in from Montreal tomorrow to spend a week. They are very excited about their first trip to the mission field and we are too. We had a wonderful time visiting with some of our pastors and workers this morning. It’s good to be back!