Divine Healing

Madame Gérard Mondestin is a cook for the school in Belle-Hôtesse. She shared with me today that she had been healed during the church service when I gave the testimony concerning Prit’s healing.  Her bladder wasn’t functioning properly and she had trouble urinating. She was also in a lot of pain. When we prayed over her, she returned to her seat and realized that all her clothes were wet! She had been instantly healed and has not had any problems since then!

3 thoughts on “Divine Healing

  1. Praise God for every manifestation of His Spirit’s work in the lives of people. We sometimes forget that these are tokens or signs of the kingdom coming among us. When God touches a person’s life by the power of His Spirit it is indeed an attendant display of the life and presence of Jesus in the midst of His church! How awesome is our God!

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