Montréal Missions Team

The team from Montreal has arrived. They have helped distribute food at both our church plants (Ste.-Philomène and Belle-Hotesse). As I type this post, I am inundated with kids! They are fascinated by my laptop and are chattering nonstop! It has been a great week so far and it’s been great having our four visitors with us. Since they speak French, they are “trè alèz” (very at ease) with everyone here.

1 thought on “Montréal Missions Team

  1. Pastor Pierre and Louise Cyr from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    We want to say hello to our team who is there in Haiti for a mission with our great friends from Rehoboth Ministries, we are so proud of you. You are in our prayers every day and we are expecting a great report of the great things God has done.

    We love you.

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