The Right Way to Peel an Avocado

There is a proper way to peel an avocado (called zaboka in Creole). Our Haitian cook has been quick to teach me the correct way (as it’s done in the picture below.) Peeling it like an apple, as I have done in the past, eliminates too much of the ”meat” and slicing the avocado several times in this fashion allows one to simply pull off the peeling. Being very conservative, since food is short as it is, it is considered very wasteful to peel it any other way. Believe me, I have felt the  disapproving look too many times! In their season, one can see vendors pushing wheelbarrows down the street that are loaded down with them. But as quickly as the season comes, a few weeks afterward, they are nowhere to be found. So one has to enjoy the Haitian’s supplement for real meat while they’re available. There’s nothing like a plate of rice and beans and a couple slices of avocado!

2 thoughts on “The Right Way to Peel an Avocado

  1. Dana, I LOVE this online newsletter and the way you are communicating frequently and telling us all about everyday things going on in Haiti! Keep up the great work! Mary Ann

  2. WOW – I learned something…and YUMMY – that plate of rice & beans with the avocado sounds scrumptious to me.

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