Welcome Home!

After a very long trip with many delays, we have arrived. Prit’s suitcase was on the plane and was finally retrieved from the airport this morning. Fortunately, everything was intact. The jeep, which had not had any problems, suddenly would not crank when we got ready to drive it home. A few guys that were hanging around the airport gave us a push and it finally started up.

We have returned to find our yard in total chaos. You can see from the pictures below the huge tree that was in one corner of our yard has been chopped down and still has to be chopped up and carried off. The city plans to tear down our wall in order to widen the road in front of us, thus making our space much smaller. Of course, the expense of rebuilding the wall is on us. The satellite dish that was in our yard has been dismantled and is now in our den. (Quite a decorative touch!) Therefore, we are without internet and, oh yes, the electric company came while we were gone to take the breaker. All our electricity now comes from our generator and it’s yet one more thing on the list which has to be taken care of while we’re here.

Having said all that, we have a team coming in from Montreal tomorrow to spend a week. They are very excited about their first trip to the mission field and we are too. We had a wonderful time visiting with some of our pastors and workers this morning. It’s good to be back!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Home!

  1. Wow! Remind me never to complain about anything ever again! I suppose you have access to ithe internet at the hotel? Glad the team is coming. Maybe they can help with the tree. Sorry you’re losing your wall. Love your positive attitude and love you even more!

  2. Wow, that was a huge tree….I will be praying for a new house by the sea! I remember the one you like over by the fort. Friends, pray with us!! God has good plans and resources for the dwelling they shall occupy – Let’s pray for Prit and Dana’s new home!! Love you guys. Kathy

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