Prayers Requested!

53931116_10155878211667294_192201925389713408_oHi Everyone, I am requesting prayer for our sons. John, as many of you already know, was playing basketball at his school and fractured his foot. He is in a cast for 4 weeks and is almost down to 3 now. As you can imagine, this makes his coming and going to school, as well as all the other things he’s doing, very tiring and burdensome.

tumblr_lhq57qKSWy1qzrn3vGabe slipped on some rocks as he was out hiking and instinctively put out his hand to break his fall. In the process, his pinky was jammed and he is supposed to see a doctor tomorrow morning concerning having surgery.

  1. Pray for a quick healing with no after-effects.
  2. Pray that surgery will not even be necessary for Gabe.
  3. Pray for no more mishaps!

We count on your prayers and know that they have kept us through many perilous times. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Prayers Requested!

  1. Ok we’re on it Dana – funny, we’re having to be super careful on our prayer walks these days with the snow melting and icy conditions- probably not the issue for your boys ha!

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