Smiles All Around!

Where does the time go? It’s been so busy here and we’re thankful for helping hands that have come to  lighten our load. From construction work to putting a smile on a child’s face, we appreciate all our generous contributors!


Our compound is a tropical paradise as you can see! The weather is gorgeous this time of year. It’s even prettier now that folks have given to help us with the construction needs of rebuilding the walls that lead to our little mission house and the house next door. Thanks to our thoughtful donors, we were also able to pave our driveway, which was in great need of repair. Would you like to help? There is still much repair work, paint jobs, adding on of rooms that needs to be done to both houses and to the building which houses our school, church, and Bible institute.

New Dresses for little Girls

Cathie McCarthy and Christina Buehler from Fort Pierce, Florida, came bearing gifts for our students  here in Sainte-Philomène. They came with 102 dresses all sewn by them and friends of theirs’ in Florida. Talk about some happy little girls! This is no small thing in Haiti when parents are doing everything they can to put food on the table. Just the gift of one dress for their child takes a huge weight off of them. Thanks so much, Cathie and Christina, as well as all the other ladies who labored  over their sewing machines to put a smile on our students’ faces!



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