Praise is the Key!


Psalms 150:6 – Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.

Well, these last two weeks have been interesting! One son fractured his foot and it’s in a cast and the other son broke his finger and will need surgery.

Our city current has not worked for the last 5 days which makes it impossible to pump water into our cistern. When the cistern is not filled, water cannot be pumped into the house. Our generator and batteries (unfortunately) are not strong enough to do the job. So…. we’re back to having buckets of water hauled into each house. Nothing like an ice-cold bath first thing in the morning. Invigorating!

There are rumors of the opposition stirring up trouble again this week. We ask you to pray about all these things and against riots and blockades in the streets.

In spite of all this, school kids are eating, students are learning, leaders are being formed and our churches are interceding for this country. We have seen marvelous answers to prayer because the incense of prayer and praise keeps mounting towards the Heavens and we know our expectations for a better tomorrow will be fulfilled.

How can we pray for you? Please don’t hesitate to share your prayer needs with us. We have lots of folks here who know how to pray!


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