We’re Busy – On and Off the Field!

Visiting Churches

This summer has been rolling by quickly and we can hardly keep up with everything we’ve had to do. Over the last two weeks, we have shared at The Lord’s Table (Goldsboro, NC) and at Saulston Methodist Church (Saulston, NC). We immensely enjoyed being able to share the highlights from our last year on the field with these two mission-minded churches. We thank all of you at The Lord’s Table and at Saulston Methodist church for making us feel so welcome. It’s always great to see old friends and meet new ones.

Would you like to make a date for us to come visit you? We would love to see you!

Bible Institute Orientation


-Former Valedictorian, David Lindor

Our Bible school is back in full swing and already had its initial orientation last week. Some of our graduates from our last promotion came and addressed the new students. So far, we have nine men and one woman. Would you please pray for these new students? They are beyond excited about the four-year journey upon which they have embarked.

Click here to read about the Bible School Scholarship Fund. One year for one student only costs $200! Haiti is in dire need of leadership and Rehoboth Ministries is at the forefront of forming Godly men and women who are not afraid to mark the way for others to follow.


New students and professors of IBAG

Prayer Needs


Please pray for my brother (Laney) who will have surgery on 31 August. Laney has an aortic aneurysm. Pray that the inserting of a stent in his aorta will go smoothly. Thank you!


Feeding Program

Please don’t forget that we are raising $20,000 for our feeding program this year. We need your help! You can send a check to The Lord’s Table or go directly to their website and donate. If sending a check, their address is on our website page. Please remember to earmark your giving Haiti/Feeding Program. Thanks to all of you who have given so generously!

Tell them!


Did you know that most of the support we have raised has been due to friends just simply telling other friends or their pastors about what we are doing in Haiti? Whether you are able to give or simply share with others about Rehoboth Ministries, you can be a lifeline to so many who need your help. All we are asking is that you spread the word. Tell others how they can be involved in bettering the lives of others.

Someday Can Be Today


                                              Students at the Sainte-Philomène compound


After we ate at a restaurant the other day and were returning home, I noticed a billboard which read, Someday Can Be Today.” The letters seemed to leap out at me. Immediately, I thought of the good we could do today that often gets put off until tomorrow or the day after or…..well, you get it.

What is it we tend to put off? Why do we tend to procrastinate? I’m sure there are a variety of reasons, but I would like to encourage each of you to go ahead and do that ONE thing that you know needs to get done – today.

On another note, as a ministry that’s feeding over a thousand kids, staff, and cooks 5 days a week, could I ask you also to make a commitment – TODAY – to be the answer to a child’s prayers?  We are still raising money to meet our $20,000 goal and could use all the help we can get. Would you make a child’s someday become today?

NOTE: Thanks for everyone’s prayers. John made it safely back in Haiti.

Prayer Cover for John


This is where John spent most of his summer vacation

Tomorrow, John flies to Miami. He’ll get to Haiti on Wednesday: our loss, Haiti’s gain. 😦 Would you please remember his traveling in your prayers? This summer has been incredibly busy for us all. Even if we’re not in Haiti, the work of getting the payroll to our leaders plus a thousand other details have to be attended to.

John has spent the better part of his days working on getting Bible school materials ready for next year’s students. God gave him a brilliant plan of scanning the four years of Bible school material onto his laptop. This summer, he has been working on the first and third year material. Today, ironically, he is editing the last book of the third year before he transfers all the edited material onto tablets that the students can purchase when he returns. This will allow the students to pay only 20% of what they would have normally paid for all their materials.

We are so incredibly proud of our son. His contribution to this ministry is priceless. Since we will not be back in Haiti for six more weeks, we’ll miss him terribly!

Winning The Lottery


Please take time to watch the link above. It was a video which was filmed by CBN this past year when they sent a crew to Haiti. Watching it will inform you of the plight of the Haitian children and two ministries that are working to stem the tide of hunger in Haiti. One of those is Rehoboth Ministries and the other is Meds and Food for Kids.

Rehoboth’s goal is to raise $20,000 to finish covering the expenses for our three schools this upcoming school year – which is just around the corner. School begins  on 5 September. Our beautiful schoolchildren will be eagerly returning to school in their blue and white uniforms and looking expectantly towards a hot meal served up by our cooks. Can you join us again, as you did last year, to assure that they will not be disappointed? If you have not yet given into the feeding program, won’t you sign up to help us feed our kids 5 days a week for the next 10 months?

As Dr. Virginia Wolff (Founder of Med and Food for Kids) so aptly put it, ”There are some people in the world who are born in North America, who kind of won the lottery. It isn’t happening here.”  But with your help, we can change that!

Donate online at thelordstable.org or use the address on the website to send a check to The Lord’s Table and earmark it Haiti/Feeding Program.


Great Times With Great Friends At Rock Church


                               Pastors Mike & Mary Chatt

What happens when you’re having such a great time that you forget to take pictures? Such is our case from the past four days we spent in Tarboro, NC, where our good friends from Rock Church are located. Rock Church was where Prit and I met, where we taught in their dayschool (Rock Christian Academy), and where we married. It also served as our launching pad to the mission field. After 33 years on the field, Tarboro is one of our very favorite places to go and where we always reluctantly leave.

Thanks Pastor Mike and Mary Chatt and all the Rock church crowd for your faithful support through the years! We look forward to our next gathering when we can talk and laugh for endless hours which will seem like minutes. A special thanks to our former pastor’s wife (Chris Oborne) for driving all the way from Palm Coast, Florida, to be with us.

We encourage you to visit Rock Church if you’re in the area. It is a thriving church and they have a very loving church family. But, if you do visit, you may not want to leave either. They just make you feel so welcome!

Your Giving Matters

4c7d6a1c0e4efa102ce7a71a4727f26fI’ll never forget Pastor Lefort’s story. He found one of his students crying during the school break one day and asked him what was wrong. “My mom didn’t give me any breakfast this morning and I’m hungry.” Pastor Lefort bought him a pack of crackers to eat, but never forgot the tears that streamed down this young boy’s face. Fortunately, it was shortly after that incident, that we launched our feeding program for our two school plants. Since then, with the help of Orphans Promise and some very generous donors, we have been feeding over 1,000 school kids, teachers, and cooks 5 days a week.

Before leaving Haiti, the treasurer of our main school approached me. With tears in his eyes, Brother Delex told me, “Madame Pastor, please thank your supporters for us when you get back to the United States. Many of the children in this school only eat one meal a day. That meal is what they receive in school. Tell them how much it means to us!” Can you imagine looking forward to that one meal each day? No wonder the plates are scraped clean and no food is left behind.

This year, we are venturing out of our comfort zone to include our third school plant in the rural countryside. As if the kids in the city don’t have it bad enough, these students’ parents are poor farmers who basically eek out a living by tilling their simple gardens. We have wanted to include the Belle-Hôtesse school for some time. However, while our two school plants are able to cover payroll for their staffs, we have had to subsidize this school and pay $650 (US) every month to cover teachers’ salaries. We are thrilled to say that Orphans Promise has agreed to ship more boxes down to include these students as well. What a wonderful ministry! They are operating in over 60 countries worldwide. Our ministry is so blessed to be impacted by their generosity.

But… here’s the catch. We still have our part to play. Although the food is provided for free, Rehoboth Ministries is responsible for the cooks’ salaries, purchasing large gas tanks for cooking, buying oil and spices, purchasing pots for cooking and utensils, transporting these items from the marché and the list goes on. We have concluded that it will cost us a minimum of $20,000 to sustain this program over a 10-month period for the three schools. Never have we needed your help more than now!

Many of you are already giving monthly pledges. If you are not involved in our feeding program, would you ask the Lord if he wants you to join hands with us in making an enormous difference in the life of a child? Imagine how it would feel to know that, when a child lays his head on his pillow at night, he knows he’ll receive a nourishing meal at school the next day – because you gave? Whether you pledge a monthly gift of $25, $50, or $100, your giving will be God’s hands extended to those less fortunate than us.

Here’s how you can help:

Send a check to: The Lord’s Table/ PO box 11049/ Goldsboro, NC 27532

Make it out to: The Lord’s Table

Earmark it: Haiti/Feeding Program 

Thank you.