Prayer Cover for John


This is where John spent most of his summer vacation

Tomorrow, John flies to Miami. He’ll get to Haiti on Wednesday: our loss, Haiti’s gain. 😦 Would you please remember his traveling in your prayers? This summer has been incredibly busy for us all. Even if we’re not in Haiti, the work of getting the payroll to our leaders plus a thousand other details have to be attended to.

John has spent the better part of his days working on getting Bible school materials ready for next year’s students. God gave him a brilliant plan of scanning the four years of Bible school material onto his laptop. This summer, he has been working on the first and third year material. Today, ironically, he is editing the last book of the third year before he transfers all the edited material onto tablets that the students can purchase when he returns. This will allow the students to pay only 20% of what they would have normally paid for all their materials.

We are so incredibly proud of our son. His contribution to this ministry is priceless. Since we will not be back in Haiti for six more weeks, we’ll miss him terribly!

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