Your Giving Matters

4c7d6a1c0e4efa102ce7a71a4727f26fI’ll never forget Pastor Lefort’s story. He found one of his students crying during the school break one day and asked him what was wrong. “My mom didn’t give me any breakfast this morning and I’m hungry.” Pastor Lefort bought him a pack of crackers to eat, but never forgot the tears that streamed down this young boy’s face. Fortunately, it was shortly after that incident, that we launched our feeding program for our two school plants. Since then, with the help of Orphans Promise and some very generous donors, we have been feeding over 1,000 school kids, teachers, and cooks 5 days a week.

Before leaving Haiti, the treasurer of our main school approached me. With tears in his eyes, Brother Delex told me, “Madame Pastor, please thank your supporters for us when you get back to the United States. Many of the children in this school only eat one meal a day. That meal is what they receive in school. Tell them how much it means to us!” Can you imagine looking forward to that one meal each day? No wonder the plates are scraped clean and no food is left behind.

This year, we are venturing out of our comfort zone to include our third school plant in the rural countryside. As if the kids in the city don’t have it bad enough, these students’ parents are poor farmers who basically eek out a living by tilling their simple gardens. We have wanted to include the Belle-Hôtesse school for some time. However, while our two school plants are able to cover payroll for their staffs, we have had to subsidize this school and pay $650 (US) every month to cover teachers’ salaries. We are thrilled to say that Orphans Promise has agreed to ship more boxes down to include these students as well. What a wonderful ministry! They are operating in over 60 countries worldwide. Our ministry is so blessed to be impacted by their generosity.

But… here’s the catch. We still have our part to play. Although the food is provided for free, Rehoboth Ministries is responsible for the cooks’ salaries, purchasing large gas tanks for cooking, buying oil and spices, purchasing pots for cooking and utensils, transporting these items from the marché and the list goes on. We have concluded that it will cost us a minimum of $20,000 to sustain this program over a 10-month period for the three schools. Never have we needed your help more than now!

Many of you are already giving monthly pledges. If you are not involved in our feeding program, would you ask the Lord if he wants you to join hands with us in making an enormous difference in the life of a child? Imagine how it would feel to know that, when a child lays his head on his pillow at night, he knows he’ll receive a nourishing meal at school the next day – because you gave? Whether you pledge a monthly gift of $25, $50, or $100, your giving will be God’s hands extended to those less fortunate than us.

Here’s how you can help:

Send a check to: The Lord’s Table/ PO box 11049/ Goldsboro, NC 27532

Make it out to: The Lord’s Table

Earmark it: Haiti/Feeding Program 

Thank you.


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