We’re Busy – On and Off the Field!

Visiting Churches

This summer has been rolling by quickly and we can hardly keep up with everything we’ve had to do. Over the last two weeks, we have shared at The Lord’s Table (Goldsboro, NC) and at Saulston Methodist Church (Saulston, NC). We immensely enjoyed being able to share the highlights from our last year on the field with these two mission-minded churches. We thank all of you at The Lord’s Table and at Saulston Methodist church for making us feel so welcome. It’s always great to see old friends and meet new ones.

Would you like to make a date for us to come visit you? We would love to see you!

Bible Institute Orientation


-Former Valedictorian, David Lindor

Our Bible school is back in full swing and already had its initial orientation last week. Some of our graduates from our last promotion came and addressed the new students. So far, we have nine men and one woman. Would you please pray for these new students? They are beyond excited about the four-year journey upon which they have embarked.

Click here to read about the Bible School Scholarship Fund. One year for one student only costs $200! Haiti is in dire need of leadership and Rehoboth Ministries is at the forefront of forming Godly men and women who are not afraid to mark the way for others to follow.


New students and professors of IBAG

Prayer Needs


Please pray for my brother (Laney) who will have surgery on 31 August. Laney has an aortic aneurysm. Pray that the inserting of a stent in his aorta will go smoothly. Thank you!


Feeding Program

Please don’t forget that we are raising $20,000 for our feeding program this year. We need your help! You can send a check to The Lord’s Table or go directly to their website and donate. If sending a check, their address is on our website page. Please remember to earmark your giving Haiti/Feeding Program. Thanks to all of you who have given so generously!

Tell them!


Did you know that most of the support we have raised has been due to friends just simply telling other friends or their pastors about what we are doing in Haiti? Whether you are able to give or simply share with others about Rehoboth Ministries, you can be a lifeline to so many who need your help. All we are asking is that you spread the word. Tell others how they can be involved in bettering the lives of others.

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