Great Times With Great Friends At Rock Church


                               Pastors Mike & Mary Chatt

What happens when you’re having such a great time that you forget to take pictures? Such is our case from the past four days we spent in Tarboro, NC, where our good friends from Rock Church are located. Rock Church was where Prit and I met, where we taught in their dayschool (Rock Christian Academy), and where we married. It also served as our launching pad to the mission field. After 33 years on the field, Tarboro is one of our very favorite places to go and where we always reluctantly leave.

Thanks Pastor Mike and Mary Chatt and all the Rock church crowd for your faithful support through the years! We look forward to our next gathering when we can talk and laugh for endless hours which will seem like minutes. A special thanks to our former pastor’s wife (Chris Oborne) for driving all the way from Palm Coast, Florida, to be with us.

We encourage you to visit Rock Church if you’re in the area. It is a thriving church and they have a very loving church family. But, if you do visit, you may not want to leave either. They just make you feel so welcome!

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