Crazy or Called?


Prit and me cooling off by the poolside of the Hotel Mont Joli

Tropical islands, ocean breezes, beautiful ocean. Yes, that’s what one thinks of when you mention the tropics. Haiti has all that, but it’s a mixed blessing. The heat has been absolutely insufferable this summer. On top of that, all the city’s electricity must have been used up on the Sunday elections. Our generator’s been running constantly and it costs a pretty penny just to sit in front of a fan. Actually, it’s two floor fans and a ceiling fan. The smothering heat is like an unwanted visitor who never goes away. Even the lightest of my summer gowns feel heavy lately and only the African robe my friend Beth gave me for a gift seems to be light enough to tolerate this season.

As if this wasn’t enough, the internet signal is slow as molasses and I am typing from the Picolet Hotel where I often come to write, check e-mails, check the bank balance, and the list goes on and on. It took me hours to write my last post from home. If only the internet signal was as strong as the tropical heat! Fortunately, we are presently paying off the cost of some much-needed solar panels. Then we’ll be able to harness the sun’s power to work FOR us instead of AGAINST us!

Sometimes I wonder what in the world would possess someone to leave their country and all its comforts to come live in a foreign country where dysfunctionality is the norm. Then it hits me. “Hey, that’s us! What were we thinking?” Well, those of you who know us know why we’re here. One would have to be crazy or called to leave the comforts of home to live in an impoverished country among a people so in need. I think we’re a little of both!

Now, that we’ve determined we’re a little bit looney, yet called to it, we thank you for enabling us to do a great work here. God is doing great things! But, as a side note, I would ask you to please pray for rain. I can only imagine what our Haitian brethren are enduring with their tiny houses all locked up at night and no electricity whatsoever. Pray for relief. Pray for gentle showers, not the floods that often come to Cap-Haitian. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Crazy or Called?

  1. Praying for y’all. We recently endured a week in NC with no AC. At least we could get in our cars with AC & drive to an air conditioned restaurant. It’s hot & dry here. Can u go swimming? And yes, Dana Sue, I know that you & Prit are crazy. Crazy for Jesus!!! 😀

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