Revving Up!


              Election workers

This is a rare Sunday morning when I am writing from home instead of taking notes in church. Elections in Haiti are going on today, so we didn’t go to the service in Petite-Anse since it’s across town. We’ve tried that before on election days and what resulted was sitting in traffic for hours while vehicles were checked for any suspicious activity. These are local elections, not national and, yes, they are always on Sunday. Pray that Godly and upright men and women will fill these roles.

Revving our Engines

UnknownThis week, we sat for hours on end with the school directors and leaders of our main schools. We’ve hammered and honed, defined and refined, and are looking at the next school year from every possible angle to ensure that, come September, everything gets off to a great start. So we are revving our engines!

Feeding Program 


Abigail Anderson, Project Manager for Orphans Promise with one of our students from the main school

Last week, we received a shipment of food boxes from Orphans Promise through LifeLine Ministries that will cover the first trimester of the year. We are so grateful for ministries such as these who are making an impact in countries all over the world. Many thanks to those of you who continue to support the feeding program as well. While the food is already provided for the children, there are other expenses that Rehoboth must bear. These include the salaries of our cooks and workers, kitchen equipment, necessary condiments for the food that doesn’t come in the boxes, transportation for going to the market, and such. We have an estimated 1,200 mouths to feed for the new school year which means a hot meal will be served five days a week. We are asking others to help us in this great endeavor. Men anpil, chay pa lou! (Many hands make light work.) 

Northwood Temple Medical Team


Jeremiah McLamb, the team’s cameraman, with some children at our compound.

We have received wonderful feedback since the medical team from Northwood Temple in Fayetteville, NC, was here for a 6-day clinic. Unbeknownst to us, this was the first FREE clinic many of our patients or workers have ever seen in the north of Haiti. According to those who came, this was the first time they had ever been to a clinic which charged absolutely no fee for consultations, eye care, dental care, and medicine. (*We will note that this is with the exception of the Northwood Temple team which came in 1999.) Those who shared this with us said that many clinics advertise as free, then tell whoever plans to come they must bring 15 gourdes ($3 US) with them to gain entrance. If this is the case, then we are so thankful that we were able to be a good witness for the Lord to many in need. People are still coming by the front gate to ask if the clinic’s still taking place! Unfortunately, we had to turn them away.

Even if you are not able to support Rehoboth Ministries financially, would you commit yourself to pray for us? Your faithfulness, whether financially or prayerfully, (or both) means more to us than you can know!

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