Gifted Hands Helping Haiti

Senator Rand Paul


Dr. Rand Paul performing surgeries in Cap-       Haitian

Monday, I drove down the mountain into Cap-Haitian. This was one of many daily treks to town in the past weeks in search of a decent internet signal. When I arrived to the Picolet Hotel, I was told that I would have to come back another day. When I asked why, one of the workers said, ‘’An American Senator is here this week. He’s doing eye operations.’’ That certainly peaked my interest! After asking which senator, he replied,  “Senator Rand Paul.”

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet Senator Paul. However, we were delighted to know he had come to lend his skills as an ophthalmologist to perform eye surgery on countless Haitians, sometimes working twelve-hour days. The lives of many of these patients were touched dramatically as cataracts were removed and some of them saw for the first time in years!

Regardless of whatever side of the political arena you may toss your hat in the coming Presidential election, you have to say, “Hats off to you, Senator Paul, for using your gifted hands to help Haiti!”

Jean Marie Renex


Jean Marie working on a portrait

On almost any given day, one can wander into the courts of the old Christophe Hotel and find our friend, Jean Marie, huddled over a painting. Jean Marie is a very gifted Haitian artist and has a vast array of Haitian art available for sale. This young man is also a musician. If you come to the Christophe, I’m sure he would play his guitar and sing for you.

Jean Marie is especially gifted at painting portraits. People are probably the fussiest about judging their own likeness, but our artist friend has a remarkable skill and seems to have a long line of satisfied customers. If you should ask Jean Marie what he truly longs to do, however, he would say it is to study engineering. I believe he just may have the mind for it and I hope that one day he will fulfill his lifelong dream.

Two vastly different men from two vastly different walks of life are using their skills to bless the  Haitian people. Perhaps one who can now see (as a result of eye surgery) will have the opportunity to drink in the colors of Jean Marie’s canvases.

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