Death to Life

almond-blossomThis has been the one of the busiest weeks of our lives. Now that Prit’s dad’s funeral is past, we have been busy helping Lucy (Prit’s mom) get her house in order, go through documents that need attention, and move forward with the business of living. We sure would appreciate your continued prayers for her.

Our dear friend, Myrtle Wickham, has agreed to come and housesit with Lucy while we take off for West Virginia for two weeks. Our daughter, Deborah, is moving quickly towards her due date of April 1! March has been a month of dealing with death and remembering a great hero of the faith. It’s also about the celebration of new life. Little Samuel Edelen, our first grandchild, will be making his debut soon. How can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met? He has captured our hearts already.

We are so very grateful for all your cards, warm wishes, gestures of love, and prayers for our family during this time of tremendous loss. Soon, we hope to have wonderful news as well as pictures up concerning the arrival of baby Sam. Please remember Deb in your prayers, for the time is drawing near!

Anonymous Donor

BNquestionmarkface041213-460x408We received a $1,300 check in the mail today from a friend who prefers to remain an anonymous donor. He specifically asked that it be used for our feeding program. Many, many heartfelt thanks to you “Anonymous!”

Would you like to help us close the gap as we near the end of this school year? The Lord has been so faithful through the help of our generous supporters. We still have around $800 needed to complete April’s donations, then we’ll begin our last lap with the month of May.

Funeral Arrangements

Many of our dear friends have requested information concerning Pritchard, Jr.’s (Prit’s dad) funeral arrangements. For those of you that would like to attend our victory celebration, here are the details.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the family.

Friday, March 21

6:00-8:00 p.m. Viewing
Jernigan-Warren Funeral Home
545 Ramsey St.
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Telephone: (910) 483-1331

Saturday, March 22

11:00 a.m. Funeral
Northwood Temple Church
4250 Ramsey St.
Fayetteville, NC 28311
Telephone: (910) 488-7474

Monday, March 24

10:00 a.m. Burial
Sandhills State Veterans Cemetery
400 Murchison Road
Cumberland Country
Spring Lake, NC 28390

If you have any further questions, we can be located at these numbers:

Home: (910) 630-3730
Prit: (910) 703-3098
Dana: (910) 494-3837

Goodbye, P.G.

539238_1402547116678212_409382552_nWe are very sad to announce the news that Prit’s dad passed away early Saturday morning. Prit will arrive here to Fayetteville Tuesday afternoon to help his mom and sister make the funeral arrangements. Pritchard, Jr. had just turned 86 on March 1st. Your prayers are greatly coveted for the Adams family at this time.

Pritchard, Jr. was a great dad, grandfather, and ardent supporter of Rehoboth Ministries. He was also responsible for leading many people to the Lord. He and Lucy have sent countless boxes to Haiti over the years and Friday morning he mailed his last two.

P.G. (as we knew him), was a retired Colonel who fought in Vietnam and Korea. He always humbly said, “I’m just happy to be a private in the Lord’s army.” My father-in-law was the most generous person I ever knew.

For a more complete story of P.G.’s life, please visit Thank you P.G. for being such a wonderful, compassionate role model for us all to follow.

A Table in the Wilderness

tableinthewilderness-front1When we gathered together as a congregation to worship the Lord at Rock Church (Tarboro, North Carolina), no one even thought about leaving the service early. God’s abiding presence would come. A visible cloud of glory would actually descend and rest over our assembly, revealing the manifest glory of God. I distinctly remember hearing extra instruments being played; instruments our simple orchestra didn’t have. Violins, cellos, and harps were played in sync with those at hand. A heavenly choir would also join their voices as we stood in His presence. It sends chills down my spine even now as I think about it.

There were no smoke machines or disco lights in those days. Instead, there was a 30-minute prayer service available for all those who wanted to prepare their hearts for the main service. Ours was just a simple country church located in the middle of the countryside. Our building was actually a barbecue restaurant before it was purchased. It was prophesied, however, that our church would become a table in the wilderness. That prophecy was fulfilled when Rock Church received an overflow of youth who drove thirty miles from East Carolina University in Greenville to see what God was doing in that place. Two of those college-age people were Prit and myself. We, along with many others, were swept up in the revival that was taking place. Little did we know that we would meet, marry and be launched to the mission field from this little church. We were just two hungry souls looking for more of God.

Thirty-one years later, we are raising up churches and schools of our own and maintaining a Bible institute from which many have graduated. Souls are being rescued and disciples are being grounded in God’s Word. Leaders are also being trained up to pastor and raise up the next generation. We’re feeding hungry children and lifting a burden off their families. There are no smoke screens, only a dirt floor and a tin roof which is always in need of repair. But the glory comes down here too, another overflow from our time spent at the little church in the wilderness. I thank God today for such a wonderful heritage and a pastor who could not speak of Haiti without weeping. Somehow, this little congregation always kept world missions at the forefront.

Prit and I taught in the church’s school (Rock Christian Academy). Every month, it seemed we were having to trust the Lord just to help us pay our bills and put food on the table. At times, we would leave a church service only to find bags of groceries in the back of Prit’s pickup. God always provided, even though they were tough times. Little did we dream that one day we would be praying monthly for thousands of dollars to sustain this ministry. Yet, here we are.

Thank you, Pastors Jim and Chris Oborne for preparing us for a ministry that exceeds anything we could have imagined. Thank you for teaching us deep truths from God’s Word. Thank you also, for being willing to plant us into another vineyard when it was time to say goodbye. We’ll never forget the little church in Tarboro and the table in the wilderness. Although pastors have come and gone, Rock Church remains one of our leading supporting churches.


Photo-courtesy-of-Cindi-AlbrightFlickrSunday night, I became very ill and was sick most of the night and through yesterday. Prit’s sister (Mary) had just recovered from being sick herself and Prit’s mom became very ill last night with both vomiting and diarrhea. I conclude that we must have all shared a stomach virus. Fortunately, I am finally beginning to feel like accomplishing small tasks around here and am so thankful for a little energy. I ask your continued prayers for Lucy. She’s had a rough time, especially for someone who will turn eighty-five next month.

There are exactly fourteen days left until Prit flies back to the States. Can you tell I miss him? I also miss John who turns twenty-nine years old today. I wish I could be there to bake him a cake. Happy Birthday, Son! I am so thankful for you and proud to be called your mom.

Prit recently wrote another check to cover the feeding program for March. The Lord continues to provide, but it is a month-by-month faith walk. We have two months to go. Then, we will have fed the schoolchildren two hot meals a week for an entire year! Would you like to help us finish this project? We are so thankful to those of you that have generously sown into these precious children’s lives.

Agape Flights Picnic

If you should ask me or several other missionaries in Cap-Haitian, “What’s special about Thursday?” you would probably get the answer, “Oh, Thursday’s when Agape flies in!” Agape Flights is a ministry based out of Venice, Florida, that serves several countries in the Caribbean. Fortunately, Haiti is on that list! The Agape plane flies in once a week bringing precious mail and cargo for the missionaries. Letters from home and boxes of food from caring friends bring great joy to our hearts. Orders made directly to the Agape personnel in Venice bring us anything from cartridges for our photocopier and materials for our Bible school to personal needs like shampoo or soap. Sometimes there’s just the longing for bagels or chocolates and they gladly bring that too. Agape has been a lifeline between us and the States now for the thirty-one years we’ve spent here on the mission field!

On Saturday, February 22, Agape flew in hamburgers and hot dogs for the missionary community in the north of Haiti. Prit and John attended the picnic and immensely enjoyed a day of fellowship with other leaders in ministry that they don’t ordinarily get the opportunity to see. It was one day where they could forfeit their usual fare of rice and beans and enjoy some American food for a change.

Thank you Agape Flights for being true servants to us who are laboring in foreign lands. You make our job so much easier, plus your willingness to serve is such a wonderful example to others. If you would like to know more about this ministry, check out They are doing great things for the Kingdom.

Happy Birthday, P.G.!

Prit’s dad is 86 years old today! While Lucy and I were still sleeping this morning, P.G. was up at 5:30 a.m. He’s already attended the Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting across town and returned home while we were getting our first cup of coffee. P.G still walks every day, drives, and leads a busy life. “Most of my friends have already passed on,” he says with a sad look. “I’m just grateful for another year.” In spite of a trick knee caused by a helicopter jump while he was in the army, P.G.’s still walking every day and driving himself and Lucy wherever they need to go. He’s very grateful for life and stays actively involved helping our ministry.

Celebrations are in order after other family members arrive from Charlotte today. We’ll all go to P.G.’s favorite restaurant (The Rainbow) where he is a frequent visitor and well loved by all the staff. All the waitresses love to wait on him for they know P.G. gives a special tip before he leaves.

Happy Birthday, P.G.! If any of our readers would like to send him a birthday greeting, feel free to leave a note at the bottom of this post.