Agape Flights Picnic

If you should ask me or several other missionaries in Cap-Haitian, “What’s special about Thursday?” you would probably get the answer, “Oh, Thursday’s when Agape flies in!” Agape Flights is a ministry based out of Venice, Florida, that serves several countries in the Caribbean. Fortunately, Haiti is on that list! The Agape plane flies in once a week bringing precious mail and cargo for the missionaries. Letters from home and boxes of food from caring friends bring great joy to our hearts. Orders made directly to the Agape personnel in Venice bring us anything from cartridges for our photocopier and materials for our Bible school to personal needs like shampoo or soap. Sometimes there’s just the longing for bagels or chocolates and they gladly bring that too. Agape has been a lifeline between us and the States now for the thirty-one years we’ve spent here on the mission field!

On Saturday, February 22, Agape flew in hamburgers and hot dogs for the missionary community in the north of Haiti. Prit and John attended the picnic and immensely enjoyed a day of fellowship with other leaders in ministry that they don’t ordinarily get the opportunity to see. It was one day where they could forfeit their usual fare of rice and beans and enjoy some American food for a change.

Thank you Agape Flights for being true servants to us who are laboring in foreign lands. You make our job so much easier, plus your willingness to serve is such a wonderful example to others. If you would like to know more about this ministry, check out They are doing great things for the Kingdom.

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