Happy Birthday, P.G.!

Prit’s dad is 86 years old today! While Lucy and I were still sleeping this morning, P.G. was up at 5:30 a.m. He’s already attended the Full Gospel Businessmen’s meeting across town and returned home while we were getting our first cup of coffee. P.G still walks every day, drives, and leads a busy life. “Most of my friends have already passed on,” he says with a sad look. “I’m just grateful for another year.” In spite of a trick knee caused by a helicopter jump while he was in the army, P.G.’s still walking every day and driving himself and Lucy wherever they need to go. He’s very grateful for life and stays actively involved helping our ministry.

Celebrations are in order after other family members arrive from Charlotte today. We’ll all go to P.G.’s favorite restaurant (The Rainbow) where he is a frequent visitor and well loved by all the staff. All the waitresses love to wait on him for they know P.G. gives a special tip before he leaves.

Happy Birthday, P.G.! If any of our readers would like to send him a birthday greeting, feel free to leave a note at the bottom of this post.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, P.G.!

  1. Happy Birthday to a ” still waters run deep” kind of guy. We were so blessed to meet you in N. Carolina a few years ago after Prit’s recovery from his scary Canadian “holiday”. Love, Richard and Beth Kope

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