Death to Life

almond-blossomThis has been the one of the busiest weeks of our lives. Now that Prit’s dad’s funeral is past, we have been busy helping Lucy (Prit’s mom) get her house in order, go through documents that need attention, and move forward with the business of living. We sure would appreciate your continued prayers for her.

Our dear friend, Myrtle Wickham, has agreed to come and housesit with Lucy while we take off for West Virginia for two weeks. Our daughter, Deborah, is moving quickly towards her due date of April 1! March has been a month of dealing with death and remembering a great hero of the faith. It’s also about the celebration of new life. Little Samuel Edelen, our first grandchild, will be making his debut soon. How can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met? He has captured our hearts already.

We are so very grateful for all your cards, warm wishes, gestures of love, and prayers for our family during this time of tremendous loss. Soon, we hope to have wonderful news as well as pictures up concerning the arrival of baby Sam. Please remember Deb in your prayers, for the time is drawing near!

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