Goodbye, P.G.

539238_1402547116678212_409382552_nWe are very sad to announce the news that Prit’s dad passed away early Saturday morning. Prit will arrive here to Fayetteville Tuesday afternoon to help his mom and sister make the funeral arrangements. Pritchard, Jr. had just turned 86 on March 1st. Your prayers are greatly coveted for the Adams family at this time.

Pritchard, Jr. was a great dad, grandfather, and ardent supporter of Rehoboth Ministries. He was also responsible for leading many people to the Lord. He and Lucy have sent countless boxes to Haiti over the years and Friday morning he mailed his last two.

P.G. (as we knew him), was a retired Colonel who fought in Vietnam and Korea. He always humbly said, “I’m just happy to be a private in the Lord’s army.” My father-in-law was the most generous person I ever knew.

For a more complete story of P.G.’s life, please visit Thank you P.G. for being such a wonderful, compassionate role model for us all to follow.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye, P.G.

  1. John, What a heartfelt tribute to your grandfather. He was a very special man who touched many lives. What an inspiration he is to all of us. Love you, Aunt Mary Ann

  2. Our condolences and praying for you and your family safe travels, peace and comfort.

    Sovereign GOD’S Ambassador, Carla

  3. I’m holding all of you up in prayer. What a wonderful man and role model. He will be missed…and it’s a reminder for us in our generation to take up that shield of faith and give. So loving on all of you.

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