Nickels & Dimes

penny, nickels and dimesI received an unexpected check this morning for $50. My father-in-law is a member of the Full Gospel Men’s Fellowship Chapter here in Fayetteville. When he attended their meeting this morning, the older lady that’s been playing the piano for several years approached him and said, “I have a jar that I put my nickels and dimes in throughout the year. When it’s full, I give it away to somebody in need.” This time she chose to bless Rehoboth Ministries.

I know Sister Betty. I also know that she and her husband are not overflowing with cash. They live very simply and truly watch their nickels and dimes. Yet, when they see a need, they open their hearts wide to help others.

A few days ago, I took a friend and fellow supporter to lunch as a means of saying a humble thank you for her faithful support over the years. “The Lord told me that if I take care of His business that he’ll take care of me,” she told me. “He has proven to be more than faithful. My husband and I have received unexpected bonuses and surprise gifts from other people. We have never lacked,” she said. What really touched me is what she said next. “The Lord has really helped me and I’m now able to support three missionaries.” Instead of hoarding her extra money, she saw it as an opportunity to help yet another person in need. My friend has a passion for missions and hopes to come to Haiti one day.

I decided to use John’s car while I’m stateside. He had left it at my sister’s home. It needed to be inspected, registered and have new tags purchased. My sister and her husband took care of it for me since I was not living in the same town. When I offered to reimburse them, my sister said, “Just consider it a little gift from us.”

A few days ago, I had lunch with a dear friend. She’s a widow now and works very hard to make ends meet. I always try to spend time with her when we’re back in town. To my surprise, she sat down and wrote a check to Rehoboth. When I protested, she said, “I felt very strongly that the Lord wanted me to give this to you and I had a little extra this month.”

All the friends mentioned above share a common thread. They are all watching their nickels and dimes. Yet, their love for the Lord and for his work compels them to give. Somehow, he always makes up for their lack. We are so grateful for our supporters who keep the ministry in Haiti afloat. With five churches, three schools, a Bible institute, a feeding program for over a thousand children, every nickel and dime counts.

If you are not a regular supporter of Rehoboth Ministries, but you enjoy reading our website, would you consider taking an extra step of faith and becoming co-laborers with us so that we can continue to make a difference in Haiti? No gift is too small.

His Mysterious Ways


Edrice and Marie-Solange Lefort

We’ve seen some incredible things during our thirty-one years on the mission field. Now, we can add another item to the list. Edrice Lefort is a student in our Bible institute. His wife went to the hospital in town recently to deliver twins. When she went into labor, there were complications. She delivered two twin baby boys, but one was said to have cerebral damage. The doctors said they couldn’t do anything for little Ederson.

Ederly and Ederson Lefort (Ederson looks very content!)

Because of continued negligence from the hospital staff, Pastor Lefort urged his brother to bring the babies home and pray for a miracle. (Often a child will no longer receive the care he needs if his case appears hopeless.) We believe Ederson, at some point, received a divine touch, for there is now no indication of any cerebral damage. His vital signs are all normal and he’s nursing with no problems.

Maybe you’re trusting God for a miracle today. Let this encourage you. Reach out and believe, for there’s plenty of grace to go around.



Messy Plans, Max, and Me

Every time I have begun to write a post, something has happened to change our plans. Prit and John have already returned to Haiti. They were due to fly out of Fayetteville Sunday afternoon. Thirty minutes before we were to take them to the airport, they received a phone call informing them that the flight crew was backed up and there would be no flights that day. Flights were available from Raleigh, however. After a quick discussion, it was decided that we would run them up to Raleigh to make the 4:00 flight to Charlotte. From there they could fly to Miami. This morning they landed in Cap-Haitian bright and early greeted by the warm sunshine and many happy fellow workers.

maxI was sad to learn that our dog, Max, died in our absence. He was very old and had belonged to the missionaries that lived in our home previously. We often joked about how Max was all knowing and so old that he was there to greet Christopher Columbus when he first landed on the island. Since Max rarely barked, we concluded that he thought it was beneath his dignity to waste his precious energy upon such a frivolous activity. His commanding presence would scare away any thief anyway. There were many, many tales woven about Max that endeared us to our furry friend all the more. We’ll miss you Max!

2014-02-15 19.51.38Saturday night while Prit and John were packing, I decided to get a head start on cleaning out drawers that have long been overrun with stuff. The discarding of one item and the saving of another soon turned into a walk down Memory Lane. Do you recognize the bride in the picture? Yes, that’s me! It seems like a lifetime ago. So much has happened between then and now. Memories flooded my mind as I came across pictures of our children in their various stages of growing up. I reread letters from faithful friends, some who have now passed on, that warmed my heart. A schedule which marked the events of Prit’s hospital stay in Canada held details of his precarious state at that time. Reading it again made me ever so grateful that that ordeal was now over.

Update 2/15

Travel Plans

We are finally winding down after spending over a month here in the States. It wasn’t our plan to stay this long, but responsibilities for the ministry and John’s surgery stretched the date out a little longer. There are still things to attend to and I’ll be staying behind while Prit and John take off Sunday afternoon for Miami, then will fly into Haiti Monday morning. This is the first time in 31 years that I will not be returning with Prit to Haiti and it feels so strange. Five weeks seems like an eternity until he returns on March 24th. We will return to Haiti together in mid-April. Please pray for us.


We were deeply saddened to learn that our friend, Tony Casséus, passed away last week at 38 years of age. Tony’s parents, Pastor Jules Casséus and his wife, Laurie, are longtime friends of ours in Haiti. They pastor a church and oversee a university in the small town of Limbé which is around 30 miles south of Cap-Haitian. We can’t begin to imagine the incredible sadness that they are experiencing over their loss. The funeral is tomorrow. Would you please pray for this precious family? They have a daughter, Laura Rose, who resides in the States.


Many, many thanks for your prayers for John. He has recovered at a rapid rate and is anxious to get back to Haiti and resume his teaching in the Bible school. He and Prit both have several classes to make up. Bible school has been back in full swing since 20 January.

Feeding Program

We are amazed at how many people’s hearts have been touched for our children’s feeding program. We have received special offerings that folks have sent in memory of their friends who have passed on. One of our supporting churches, Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington, has decided to increase their regular monthly giving to include an extra offering so we can continue to feed hungry children. Another supporting church, Northwood Temple in Fayetteville, North Carolina, also gave a generous gift of $2,600 for this work. Then there are those who pledged to help us from the beginning of this endeavor who sow faithfully every month. We tip our hats to all of you and humbly thank you for being a lifeline to the helpless.

Construction Program

We have also been tremendously blessed by another longtime supporter of this ministry. He and his wife (who wish to remain anonymous), have invested $21,000 in the construction of our main church-school facility! We are overjoyed to watch how God works through his people. May the Lord bless these visionaries who share our burden to see this building go up.


If you would like to help, there are many other projects that need to be completed as well. Our two mission houses are in great disrepair and have only been partly renovated. Maybe you have some construction workers who would like to come down and lay blocks or tile? Or perhaps you would like to give a special offering to help us go from preparing meals two days a week to feeding school children for three days instead? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We have struggling Bible school students that would be ever so grateful for a hand up in paying their tuition. There are many opportunities available to those who would like to be a blessing in someone else’s life.

Gift of Bibles

Haitian Bibles

We received a gift of 10 brand new Haitian Bibles to take back to Haiti with us. Many, many thanks to Robert Faircloth, a friend from Fayetteville, NC, who purchased the Bibles. He was even included money to pay for the shipping.

Rehoboth Headquarters

IMG_0716These are pictures of where the action takes place. Prit’s mom and dad graciously lend us their dining room table to do all sorts of work for the ministry. This last week has been spent there filling out tax receipts. On occasion, the family even eats here!


John received a good report from the doctor and the days are winding down here in the States. We are happy to announce that John has planned to return in the Fall and work with us in Haiti for another year!

Surgery, Taxes, and Starting Over


On Friday, John went in to have minor surgery for a hydrocele. A hydrocele is an accumulation of fluid in the body which can cause much pain. Instead of performing the medical procedure of simply draining the fluid, the doctor suggested closing the area altogether to assure the problem would not reoccur at a later date. While in surgery, John’s doctor discovered a hernia (which actually caused the hydrocele) and had to call in another surgeon to repair the hernia. John spent Friday night in the hospital and was released Saturday morning. He has been slowly regaining his strength and dealing with the pain brought on by the tear and repair. He has another appointment tomorrow morning and we trust all is progressing as it should. Thanks everyone for your prayers!


I have spent the last several days filling out and mailing tax receipts to our wonderful supporters. It has taken the lion’s share of my time, but I am finally down to the last lap. We are so very grateful to all of you who have generously given to Rehoboth this year. With your help, we have done a myriad of things. Just a few of them include feeding children, helping send children to school, making payroll for our leaders, teachers, and workers, helping the sick, and setting aside funds for our construction program.

Starting Over

get-attachment.aspxFor those of you who are regular readers of this site, you will recall this post: “I’ll See You In Heaven.” Our dear friend and brother in Christ, Enock Massillon and his family were greatly bereaved over the loss of their wife/mother due to a tragic accident. It was also a great loss for the whole church family, for we loved Sister Enock very much.

Enock has not forgotten the many heartfelt prayers of our readers and supporters during that devastating time in his and his children’s lives. He has asked me to make a special announcement on his behalf. After two years, he is engaged to be married to another Christian sister (Nanète) this March. He has asked for your prayers for he and Nanète as they begin their new life together.

If you would like to send a word of encouragement to Enock and Nanète, write me at danaptl -at- aol dot com. I will translate your messages so the happy couple can read them and be blessed.